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My 2015 Year of Self-Care Review

It is 2016, and I am not even really sure where 2015 went. When I look back on the past year I am amazed at all that my family and I accomplished. It really was jam packed full of activities, growth, and accomplishments. Sometimes the road was smooth, sometimes bumpy, and sometimes it seemed all uphill. When the crystal ball dropped I felt satisfied with how the year transpired. It is now time to breakdown and review my 2015 year of self-care.


My focus last year was self-care. I really did not do as well as I had hoped. I still have extra weight to lose and I still need to make one doctor’s appointment that I put off all last year. That dreaded test you need to get done in your early 50s.

My 2015 Year of Self-Care Review

There were successes in the area of self-care:

  • I have made sleep a priority. With the use of a sleep app, I discovered that if I go to bed before 10:30 I got a much better night sleep than if I go to bed at 11:00 or later. It was not just adding more time in bed, but I get a better quality of sleep overall.
  • I added meditation to my routine. While I do not medicate daily, I am able to fit it in a few times a week. I find that meditation allows my overactive brain time to rest. This in turn helps lower stress, increase clarity and creativity, and just makes me feel better.
  • I had well-check ups and annual appointments with all of my doctors: family practitioner, endocrinologist, gynecologist, dentist.
  • With the help of a spine doctor and physical therapy my back is feeling almost 100%.
  • I completed an olympic distance triathlon.
  • I completed my 30 f0r 30 Move it Challenge.
  • I have learned to prioritize my life-work balance.
  • Travel that included hiking in Sedona and Aspen; and  Skiing in Park City and Aspen.

And there were some failures:

  • I never followed throughout with my hydrostatic body fat test. I had it scheduled twice, but both times the test was cancelled; once by me, once by the company. And then I quit training. Since I did not have any event on the calendar I lost my motivation.
  • A much less than stellar workout schedule. As I just said, if I do not have a specific event and a date on the calendar, I struggle with staying motivated to keep fitness in the forefront of my daily schedule.
  • My diet still needs a lot of improvement. While overall, I feel that I make healthy choices on a regular basis, I am easily sidelined by holidays and celebrations.
  • I need to lose weight.

Overall I give myself a grade of B-. I feel as though I made some positive changes and progress in the area of self-care, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I will continue to work on the areas of healthy eating and a consistent workout schedule.

This will be a part of our overall goal or focus on 2016 which is Organization.

Yes, I am naming 2016 as the year of Organization. I will be starting tomorrow with my bedroom closet and over the course of the year I will be traveling through all of the rooms in our home – the garage included to revamp and reorganize everything! I will also be working on re-organizing my schedule to be sure to include more fitness and healthier eating.

If you want to work on organization this year, grab a binder and come back tomorrow for the reveal of my plan.



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  1. I am super proud of what you accomplished. I think we are too hard on ourselves at time. I think you have some great goals and I know this year will be great for you.

  2. I love your tips. Don’t be to hard on yourself, the teacher always grades, don’t they? There is no failure only feedback…that is how we learn. Go to your 50 yr exam – Please! A friend put it off and could have avoided surgery if she had done it earlier.

  3. Sheila Madrieres says:

    I am on board with 2016 being the year of organization !! I truly struggle with this

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