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Entertaining Friends

Six Tips to Throwing the Perfect Last Minute Dinner Party

Throwing a last minute dinner party? First and foremost – don’t get frazzled! Take it all in stride and with the right, “I got this!” attitude – you and your guests will all have a fun time! Follow the following six tips to throwing the perfect last minute party, and you will be all ready …

Entertaining Friends

Teacher Appreciation Week – Wild West Style

We were treated to another over-the-top week full of appreciation, love, and fun surprises from our parent community. Come along and see what the parents did for us teachers this year. Welcome to Teacher Appreciation Week – Wild West Style. As you can see, Monday morning started off with a decked-out staff room, decorated classroom …

Embrace the Adventure - A Travel Theme Party
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Embrace the Adventure – A Travel Theme Party

I recently celebrated my birthday! I gotta’ say that turning 55 felt momentous. I believe there is something about the double fives that feels special. My first thought when I awoke on my birthday, was that I had outlived both of my grandfathers. Neither one made it to 55. Plus, I am more than a …