A Literary Themed Party

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my party throwing days have been very limited! Last spring though, I was able to throw a literary themed bridal party for a friend. Since my friend met her future husband when they both worked at a local bookstore – a literary themed party seemed the way to go.

I had a lot of fun planning this party! Everything – from the decorations, the menu, and a few games – was based on books and their shared love of reading.

This party was a joint effort with many of my colleagues. As everyone wanted to help, the party was a potluck. The party was held outside and due to Covid restrictions, we held the party in two shifts. I admit that was an interesting facet of the party, but one that worked really well! The first group of friends arrived and enjoyed yummy food, party games, gift opening, and friendship. Then as the second group began to arrive, the first group said good-bye and left. Then we started round two with different party games, more food, presents, and laughs all over again. It was a double party in one day – all honoring the bride-to-be.

Here are some of the fun details!

A Literary Themed Party

The Menu

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Bites: Brownie Bites
  • Berry Poppins Cheesecakes: Cheesecake bites
  • Gone with the Wine: Sangria
  • The Joy Luck Club Soda: Various Bubbly Waters

The Decorations

I decorated the walkway to the back yard with signs that were meant to read like a story book… Once upon a time, in a book nook not far from here, Alex and Chris locked eyes, in the company of their favorite authors, today let’s turn the page, and celebrate their next chapter.

Then all around the yard, we simply stacked books and topped them with planted succulents. The plants were the prizes for our guests that won the various party games.

Party Games

We had a lot of fun playing some traditional and literary themed games. Here are a few of the games we enjoyed.

  • Match the Literary Couples
  • Guessing Game – How many chocolate kisses are in the jar?
  • Scattergories based on the word LOVE
  • Wedding Ring Scavenger Hunt. Large plastic rings were hidden around the yard.
  • Guess the Bride’s Age – A posterboard of photos was set up for the guest to determine her age.

All in all it was a wonderful party! The literary theme was a fun one to work with! I hope our party inspires you!

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  1. Christie Thomas says:

    Adorable, Stacy!

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