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A Ladies’ Pool Party


I am lucky in that I have lived in homes with a pool for many, many years. I love swimming, and I love water – so even just looking at the pool in the back yard makes me a happy camper. But really the pool is not for looking at – it is for swimming, splashing, and floating! My kids are lucky in that I was the mom that hosted pool party after pool party after pool party. Class pool parties, team pool parties, birthday pool parties, charity event pool parties – you name it – I hosted it. The largest pool party that I ever hosted was for a summer theater group with a cast of 78 kids that ages ranged from 5 to 18  – plus their families. Wow! That was a pool full! Yes, at that time in my life I lived on two acres with a very large pool and lots of play space.

Growing up I never had a pool, but I always loved swimming. So it has always important to me that I share my pool with as many others as I can.

One day I stood and watched the kids laughing and playing in the pool, and I had this huge ah-ha moment. I wanted a pool party. I wanted a pool party for my friends and me. I wanted a party where my friends and I were the ones laughing and playing in the pool, not standing on the pool deck making sure that all of the kiddos were taken care of. So that my dear, was the beginning of me hosting ladies’ pool parties.


Just a couple of simple rules. Yes, rules for a ladies pool party: No kids, Put on a Swim Suit, Relax, and Have FUN. OK, so a lot of ladies don’t feel comfortable being seen in a bathing suit – myself included. But what is a pool party if you don’t get into the pool? So yes, I made the rule that to come to the pool party – you are actually coming to a pool party – that means time spent in the pool. Plus we are all friends – so no judgments to be made.



No kids – as much as we all love our kids, we have a whole lot more fun without them at this party. Plus, when I first started hosting this party most of my friends that attended were teachers like me, plus we all had kids, so this pool party was to be a total kid free break. Plus if there are kids there – they take over the pool. Need I say more – No Kids. The exception of course has been the very few times that a newborn has been in attendance. New babies are always welcome. 🙂

If I say so myself – that first ladies pool party was a brilliant idea! It has become a tradition that is very much looked forward to, and my girlfriends with pools also now host ladies’ pool party afternoons.


Our ladies’ pool party is a total escape from reality  – just an afternoon of girl time floating in the swimming pool, enjoying the food, the drinks, and all the shared friendship and laughter that only your girlfriends can bring. It is a afternoon vacation. My only regret is that I did not think of this sooner – Moms need a break and pool party is the perfect afternoon get-a-way!

A wonderful summer day!

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