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Karma Blend Whole Bean Coffee Giveaway

I am so lucky OneHope Social Impact Coffee gave my 6 pounds of Karma Blend coffee so that I could run three sperate giveaways. You are lucky, because if you were not the winner of round one or two you have one more chances to win two pounds of this amazing coffee.

As I said before ~

Have a Great Cup of Coffee & Make a Difference in Our World!

The Social Impact of this Karma Coffee is to fund micro loans through

Entering this give-away is easy!
Just click and fill out the below information to have a chance to
win 2 pounds of Karma Blend coffee!
You can be spreading good karma all while having a cup of coffee.  How easy is that!
Thank you again, Beth and ONEHOPEfor helping me with my blog give-away!

Learn more about this great company – Directly from ONEHOPE Coffee:

A 100% premium arabica coffee bean blend. The Karma Blend is a full-bodied medium roast blend that evolves through layers of complex flavors. Bold and intense, the finish is clean with a brightness that lingers gently on the palate.

Kiva – Microloans allow low-income individuals access to financial services to lift themselves out of poverty.

Kiva is a microfinance organization that lends small amounts of money to individuals or those who do not have access to traditional banking services. These small loans allow recipients to invest in their small businesses so they can grow their profits, provide for their families, and repay their loans.

The average microloan is $162 and can help an entrepreneur buy grain, seeds, supplies, or property to grow their business. There is a 99% repayment rate for microloans.

People we’ve helped with loans so far:

Simona is a mother of four and a potato farmer in Honduras. This loan is to help her buy seeds and agricultural supplies for growing potatoes so that she can sell the crop and support her family with food, clothing, and education. Simona’s dream is to be able to purchase a plot of land that can be properly farmed, where she can raise her crops and sell them completely on her own. This will enable them to have a better standard of living and ensure that her children can continue to go to school.

Jonathan Andres
Jonathan is a 22 year old single dad of one son in Ecuador. Jonathans loan is to help him purchase naranjillas seeds, a fruit that is common in Latin American countries. This fruit grows in all seasons and can be used when making nectars, desserts, and marmalades. This loan will help him to grow crops, sell them for a profit, and be able to care for his son and father.

Check out ONEHOPE coffee & Tea Facebook Page.


Serving up Good Karma!

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