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What to Wear to an Election Party

Right now I am not sure if I will be celebrating the end of the campaign or celebrating Hillary’s win, but celebrate I will. Tomorrow I will tell you more about the party that I am planning. I’m totally excited about the fun and yummy menu that I am putting together. For today I am sharing some of the great election gear that I have found.

After all, part of party planning is deciding on what to wear.

What to Wear to an Election Party

I found some fun Ts, plaid shirts and comfy sweaters that all pair well with jeans. As you can tell – I am planning a casual shindig. I love the, “I Voted 2016” shirt and the comfy express shirt in red or blue would be great as well. I am think Gavin would look double handsome in a plaid button down.

I also found some great items for my party! Click on the side arrows to see more. While some of the items are election specific, the red, white and blue flag glassware would work perfectly for a Fourth of July party as well. I am really loving the pillows!

While I am creating a new menu – something fun and yummy for my Election Party, my Fourth of July Menu would also work perfectly for this party.

As I said, more about the party that I am planning tomorrow! What are you planning for election day? Are you going to bury your head in the sand or stay up waiting for the last of the polls to close like me?

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