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A Dozen Ways to Be a Better Human

Have your ever perused the self-help aisle at the bookstore? There are simply oodles and oodles of books out there telling us all how to be a better version of ourselves. Well, I think there are lots of little things we can do every day that will helps us be a better human. To that end, here is my list of a dozen ways to be a better human. They are in no particular order, and many of them that can be done today and everyday.

A Dozen Ways to Be a Better Human

A Dozen Ways to Be a Better Human:

1. Return the grocery cart to the cart stand.

2. Hold open doors for others.

3. Look someone in the eye with a hello and a smile.

4. Say please and thank you.

5. Let that driver that needs to merge in front of you merge in.

6. Pick up that piece of litter – even if it’s not yours.

7. Clean up after your dog on your walks.

8. When angry count to ten before responding. Then count to ten again.

9. Call a friend.

10. Learn something new.

11. Volunteer your time to a cause you support.

12. Say a prayer for someone.

What would you add to this list?

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