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Feel Better Fast and Make It Last

This year I have been focusing on my health. I am nourishing my body with healthier food, spending more time moving and  getting some exercise in, and I have added meditation to my daily routine. All of these habits are making a marked difference in my ability to just feel good and ready to tackle each day. When I was offered an interview with Dr. Amen about his latest book, Feel Better Fast and Make It Last, I thought, “Perfect!” I want to learn more about how to feel even better.

This interview as choke full of great information!

If you want to learn how to feel better than you need to watch this interview! Dr. Amen brings together so much of what we intuitively know along with new ideas and wraps it all up to give us steps on how to improve our lives. Dr. Amen is the founder of the Amen Clinics and the author of ten New York Times best selling books.

Feel Better Fast and Make It Last

Dr. Amen’s information is important all year long, but this time of year life seems to be filled with extra stress and long to-do lists. While I love the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it can get overwhelming at times. It is known that the holidays can trigger anxiety, stress, and for some- depression – a very very serious challenge.

Dr. Amen says that If you want to get your brain right, you need to flood it with happiness through all of your senses. I couldn’t agree more!

From big ideas to tiny habits, Dr. Amen has some great baby steps that can make a big difference in how you experience each day and feel better fast. I love the way he breaks it down and looks at key areas that we can focus on using the acronym BRAIN – XL.

  • B – B is for Brain
  • R – R is for Rational Mind
  • A – A is for Attachments
  • I – I is for Inspiration
  • N – N is for Nourishment
  • X  – X is for the X Factor
  • L – L is for Love

I loved having time to chat with Dr. Amen, and I have really been enjoying his book, Feel Better Fast and Make it Last. This book is chock full of practical information and big and small ways to help you be happier and live a more positive life. The book contains ideas like turn off the news and turn on the music, a list of what to say and not to say to someone that is grieving. how to enhance your relationships, plus so much more!

So much useful information! Thank you, Dr. Amen for your interview and for sharing this important information in your book.

If you are interested, you can find the book at Amazon. I’m really getting a lot our of mine! 

In full disclosure to all of my reading friends – this post contains affiliate links. Which means should you choose to click on a link and purchase this book from Amazon, I will receive a very small percentage of the sale.

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