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Let’s Kick off the 30-Day Thriver Challenge

I was excited and touched to be able to talk with two incredible women – celebrity fitness trainer Anna Kaiser (training Shakira for the Super Bowl) and Christine Hodgdon, Patient Advocate for MBC. These inspirational women taught me more about self-care and fitness as a lifestyle. The two of them are here today to share how they are working together to kick off the 30-day Thriver Challenge.

Let's Kick off the 30-Day Thriver Challenge

After the busy holiday season, a lot of us need to take a deep breath, get back to the structure of our normal living, and find the time to take care of ourselves. The purpose of the challenge is to provide 30 days of mindfulness activities and “life hacks” to encourage self-care, empowerment and inspiration for women and men everywhere and especially for those living with MBC.

MBC or Metastatic breast cancer is a complex, unpredictable and currently incurable disease. Approximately 30% of people with early stage breast cancer will have a recurrence, and some may develop MBC. Despite advancements in treatment, the people living with the disease face significant daily challenges that their family and friends don’t always understand.

In my interview below, Christine shares that she is was diagnosed with MBC in 2015. The startling statistic is that most people diagnosed with MBC live with the disease for two and a half years. Christine is coming up on her five year anniversary. I can only imagine the emotional, physical, and mental toll that living with a terminal disease can take on a person. If anyone can offer us advice on self-care, that would be Christine herself. As a patient advocate, she shares her words of wisdom and lets us know how others can help support her cause.

Let’s Kick off the 30-Day Thriver Challenge

This is one of my longer interviews, but one that is so worth watching! Anna Kaiser shares how to make fitness a lifestyle with easy changes that we can all make and Christine shares her story and how she focuses on self-care.

After watching the interview, explore and learn more at More for MBC and on their Facebook page. Also check out Metavivior for more ways to support this important cause.

Oh, and be sure to tune into the Super Bowl halftime show to see Shakira and J. Lo perform!

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