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Enjoy a Famous Wet Woody from Gar Woods

How To Get Your Summer Cocktail On


Whether winter or summer, Lake Tahoe is a beautiful place to be. I have hiked part of the Pacific Crest Trail, jet skied Carnelian Bay, skied down mountains, and played golf at Old Brockway.  I have also enjoyed many Wet Woodys at Gar Woods. These drinks are especially refreshing on a hot summer day.

The restaurant Gar Woods is named after Garfield Wood. In the 1920’s Mr. Wood designed and built a line of wood pleasure boats that were not only beautiful  – they were fast.  In the summertime you can see many of these magnificent boats in the marina.


Boat pictures from

A Wet Woody is a frozen libation, and it is Gar Woods’ trademark drink. It is not blended with ice, and I am told if you make it at home, blending it with ice, it will not be quite the same. It will still be tasty, but will not have the same frothy frosty texture. In order to get the icy consistency you need one of those giant machines that you pour the drink mixture into, and it spins round and round while it freezes your drink..

Since most people don’t have one of these at home, blending with ice or pouring over ice are both acceptable alternatives. Another thought is to make up the mixture (without ice) in a larger quantity and freeze in a Tupperware container. The juice will freeze, but not the alcohol. This should give it a slushy consistency. I will be trying this next summer for one of my ladies’ pool parties.

The bartender shared with me the recipe.  She usually makes her recipe in 20 – 60 gallon batches. Something we will not be doing at home!

Gar Woods Wet Woody Recipe

For a home version (meaning you do not have a frosty frozen drink machine):

Fill a glass with ice
Add 3/4 ounces of each light rum, Bacardi 151 rum, and peach schnapps.
Fill glass (but not to top) with equal parts cranberry, orange, and pineapple juice.
Add a splash of sweet and sour.
At this point you can blend or just serve on the rocks.
Top with a 3/4 ounce floater of Bacardi Select.

Enjoy! They really are soooo delicious!

If you are ever in Lake Tahoe head to Carnelian Bay and enjoy a Wet Woody at Gar Woods, and take in the beautiful views of the lake from their deck.

(3) Comments

  1. Love Garwoods! Had my first Wet Woody on Monday. Now today I am going to try to make the drink!!!
    Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    1. Stacey says:

      So glad you got a chance to try the real thing! They are a perfect summer treat.

  2. Reno/Lake Tahoe – Cross Country Ramblings says:

    Our target there was Gar Woods Grill and Pier for lunch and an opportunity to try a famous Wet Woody or two (I had a Prickly Pear version while Bill had an original). Although a little cool.

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