Holiday Entertaining with Parker Wallace

The holidays are here in full force! From the first hint of Halloween candy to the last champagne toast on New Year’s Day – scrumptious food and sweet delights surround us! I was able to chat about holiday entertaining with Parker Wallace in a recent interview, and I also got a few tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain.

Holiday Entertaining with Parker Wallace

Having just lost 24 pounds, I do not want the holidays to derail my maintenance plan. I have learned how to stock my kitchen for successful weight loss, but the buffet tables at the holiday parties are a whole other situation. What I do not keep readily on hand in my kitchen (cheese, crackers, nuts, cookies) are always found at parties.

What’s a girl going to do?

Talk to Parker Wallace of course! Parker is the founder of What’s on Parker’s Plate and the author of “Eat Rich, Stay Skinny: A Girls’ Guide to Holiday Feasting.” 

Holiday Entertaining with Parker Wallace

During our chat, Parker shared some inspiring, new, and innovative recipes, as well as some recipes that will still allow you to fit into those skinny jeans, even after the holidays. That’s what I was looking for! 


  • Beverage Best — Special holiday drinks to make any party special
  • Gourmet Greatness — Hot recipes and ingredients to add spice to any party
  • Appetizer Charm — Recipes for healthy and hospitable snacks
  • Meat & Greet —Creating the perfect entrée for a holiday meal

To find Parker’s recipes for her Mini Quiches, Green Chile Crab Cakes with Citrus Salad & Green Chile Mayo, Jalapeño Brownies, Fiesta Meatballs with Ancho Dipping Sauce or her Manhattan cocktail just visit TipsOnTV.com 

For me, I have made it through the month of November without gaining any weight. I’m planning on holding steady through December as well. Like Parker said, it is about treating ourselves to small indulgences, so we don’t feel deprived.




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