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I’m Learning to Meditate with the 10% Happier Phone App

Those that know me well, know that I am a huge Good Morning America fan! I have been for years – way back to the Joan Lunden and Charlie Gibson days. While I only get to listen to the first ten minutes of it while I am getting ready to head out the door to work on any given weekday, my Saturday mornings start with a cup of coffee and GMA. A perfect way to get my weekend started.

Almost two weeks ago I was enjoying my coffee and watching the show when Dan Harris shared with the world a new meditation app based on his experiences and his book 10% Happier. I was instantly intrigued.


Lat January, I didn’t know much about meditation, but because of all the praises it receives – as in it helps you de-stress and can make you feel happier – I actually added it to my list of goals for 2105. I declared this year the year of self-care. And back in January I shared with my readers how I wanted to focus more on my health this calendar year. I titled that blog post: 2015 – The Year of Self-Care


Back on January 2, 2015 I wrote, “I want to incorporate meditation into my life.” And then on September 12, 2015 , there on TV, in my family room, while drinking my coffee, Dan Harris gave me a super easy way to do this!

At that time, I did look into a meditation center, but the schedules and the thought of that time,walking into a center when I had absolutely know idea of what I was doing intimidated me. I was training for a triathlon at that time as well as attending physical therapy for my back, so the idea of meditation got pushed to the back burner.

But now I can say, “Yipee!” I’ve done it! I have found a way to incorporate mediation into my life. I’m learning to meditate with the 10% Happier Phone App. Thank you, Dan, it really is easy! And it is oh-so-cool!

 I downloaded the app that Saturday! I admit it, I am taking it a bit slow. I have not had the time to use the app every day – but I am loving the meditation and the short lessons that go with it! It is so easy! Each day has a short video lesson,  a guided audio meditation, and a coach that texts you to see how it is going for you!  The audio lessons are 2 − 4 minutes and are a conversation between Dan Harris and Joseph Goldstein. The guided mediation is an audio clip of Joseph leading us through the exercise of meditation.

dan-and-joseph-2 I usually just sit on the floor with my back against my bed, get comfortable, click play on my phone and listen to Joseph tell me to close my eyes and focus on my breathing. I listen to his voice and follow his directions. I downloaded the 2-week course, and I am only half way through. As much as I would love to meditate every day, that is not currently happening. It seems like even 10 − 15 minutes can be hard to add into my day sometimes. But the paradox is – that they days I do mediate, I feel like those days are more productive for me. Something about the total relaxation recharges my body, and in the end when I invest the time to meditate I am actually more productive.

While Dan says that mediation can make you 10% happier, I am not looking for happier. I am looking for healthier. For me meditation has brought a sense of calmness to my life. It is early in my mediation journey, but I feel calmer, more energized, and I am sleeping better. I am working to make this a habit. My life is crazy full. But I already see so many important benefits to mediation that I feel the need to make it a part of my life. I will share more about my journey as I get farther down the road.

If you have ever thought about trying meditation, I wholly recommend this app 10% Happier! It makes mediation easy and accessible.


If you do meditate – I would love to know how you benefit from this practice. Also what time of the day do you meditate? I am mediating at night, but not sure if that is the best time.

I Found an easy way to learn meditation! Check it out - it's a phone app. It really works!



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  1. So glad you found this great way to meditate. I often repeat affirmations when I walk my dog in the morning. Those days are more productive and full of light.

  2. This seems neat! I need to try it out!

  3. Meditation is so beneficial to us on many levels. I have a few apps that I rely on and I’ll have to check this out. I love the name of it!

  4. ive never used an app to meditate. Thx

  5. I’m trying to get into a routine and meditate in the mornings before a busy day at work.

  6. I find it so difficult to find my zen so I am definitely going to be open to trying meditation. I get a lot of stress and it does effect my health and energy so would you say that it re-energizes you?

  7. I seriously have been meaning to work on meditation for the longest time ever!! Hopefully trying something like this out would help!

  8. This sounds like a neat app. I’m not into meditation or anything like that, but if it works for some it works!

  9. I’m going to have to try that app. I’m currently a 3/4 empty nest and need to do something to cheer up as our family dynamic changes.

  10. I think anything we do whether it be meditate, sit still, relax . . .is highly beneficial as long as we are taking the time to do it for ourselves. Just doing it is a must! =)

  11. This is so neat! I don’t really meditate, but my quiet time and prayer time in the morning helps me focus on what’s important every day. It is a wonderful habit to have.

  12. I do not meditate, but I love that you do. Maybe it’s something I need to incorporate for those stressful days!

  13. I usually meditate in the mornings before my back pain gets out of hand. I’m going to check out a happier phone app or two. I think they would be really helpful and useful during my day.

  14. Loved hearing that you’ve had such a positive experience with this app! I have found that when I take time for meditation/spiritual care I am healthier and happier overall…which has such a positive impact on the rest of my life!

  15. Sometimes I’d meditate at night, if I’m having trouble getting to sleep or feeling too anxious, but usually I meditate when I have a specific purpose in mind. Things like setting an intention, getting ready for a big project, or about to face the public.

    1. Stacey says:

      I have been mediating at night and the calming effect has definitely helped me sleep better! I am generally not a solid sleeper – but the nights I meditate are GREATLY improved!

  16. Praying and meditating are powerful ways to focus which results in more contentment and health. I pray all day long, short meaningful prayers as situations and thoughts arise rather than one long “official” session. The short, focused prayers help keep me grounded all day long.

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi Susan, I find prayer to be a wonderful way to set intentions, give thanks, and pray for others. This meditation had been all together different from me than my prayer time. I am really feeling good about the affects.

  17. Loved reading about your positive experience with this app! I started to meditate a couple of months ago, because I have generalized anxiety. I could never go through guided meditation, but calming music in the background does the trick for me 🙂 I find that it works best if I can carve out a full 45 minutes or hour a week! Good luck with your meditating, and your year of self care!

    1. Stacey says:

      Thanks Steph! Maybe when I get better at this I won’t need the guided meditation, but for know that is what works for me. I imagine it’s really helpful for anxiety. It has a great calming effect on me.

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