15 Plant-Based Recipes to Celebrate Earth Day

It is wonderful to have a day that we celebrate our beautiful earth, but one day is never enough! My tag line is Create a Beautiful Life – that means your life and all that is around you. From nourishing your body, mind, and soul; to spending time with family and friends; to organizing your home and life; following your dreams; and getting outside to enjoy nature. Taking care of yourself is also about taking care of our home – our planet, Earth. Here today are 15 Plant-Based Recipes to Celebrate Earth Day!

One way to nourish both our earth and your body is to eat more plants! So today, I am sharing some of my favorite plant-based recipes for you to try. Add one our two of these delicious recipes to your meal planning this week.

15 Plant-Based Recipes to Celebrate Earth Day


Fried Polenta with a Wild Mushroom Sauté

Roasted Green Bean “Fries”

Grain Bowls

Mediterranean Grain Bowl Recipe

Asian Sesame-Ginger Vegetable and Grain Bowl

Green Goddess Grain Bowl Recipe


Tofu Taco Salad

My Go-To Veggie Stir-Fry

Fresh and Zesty Burrito Bowl

Hearty Lentil and Mushroom Shepard’s Pie

Fastest Tuesday Tofu Tacos Ever!


Vegan Mexican Chocolate Pudding Pie

The Best Vegan Pumpkin Bread Ever

Vegan Banana Bread Mini-Muffins

Creamy Dairy-Free Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

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