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Celebrate Earth Day with Clean the World

Sunday is Earth Day, and it is the perfect time to stop and think about what we can do as individuals to help our beautiful earth. After all, we only have one planet to live on, and if like me, you enjoy the great outdoors, breathing fresh air, clean oceans, and a less land becoming overflowing landfills, then we need to find ways that we can make a difference.

Celebrate Earth Day with Clean the World

Shawn Seipler found a way to make a difference to children all around the world simply by recycling the used soap bars from hotels. Clean the World has found a way to give those discarded soap bars and mini plastic bottles a second life. Soap and hygiene kits are distributed to vulnerable communities in the USA and around the world – making a huge difference in so many lives.

Celebrate Earth Day with Clean the World

As a teacher and mom, I stress hand washing all day long in my classroom in an attempt to to stave of spreading of germs and viruses. We all know how important that is, but what if you don’t have access to soap? That is something that I have never thought about. Shawn Seipler did though, and it is making all of the difference to the lives of millions of people, and keeping soap and mini plastic bottles out of our landfills. Clean the World has distributed 40 million bars of soap to 115 countries since 2009. That is huge!

Shawn told me about the inspiration behind Clean the World, and how we can make a difference.

Check it out!

Hand washing makes a difference, but until today – I did not give thought about the lack of soap around the world. Thank you to Shawn and Clean the World for finding a way to make a difference. You can help as well! Check out Clean The World for ways to help.  Imagine making a difference by volunteering in the US or on a global trip, or by building hygiene kits. Clean the World has ways for you to help bring sanitation and hygiene to vulnerable communities.

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