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How To Help Your Child Be Successful In School

A new school year has just gotten underway. I have welcomed 66 new sixth graders to my classroom, and I recently met all of the parents at Back-to-School night. What I love about Back-to-School night is that so many parents come out in force to hear about what their child’s school year will entail. It was a very full evening sharing with the parents an overview of the coming school year, tips on how they can help their child transition into sixth grade, and answer a plethora of questions.

And it is also my chance to ask parents to sign up for various volunteer positions that I need help with throughout the school year.

How to help your child be successful in school

The number on question on every parents’ mind is how can they help their child be successful. With nineteen years teaching and raising six kids I have a lot to share on the matter. Giving your child routines to follow, supporting them in seeing that they complete homework, talking with them about their day, and checking in with teachers when questions arise are a few ways to get started in helping your child.

But sometimes we need more. According to a 2015 NBC News Parent Toolkit poll, almost half (47%) of parents say they wish they could do more when it comes to their child’s education. No matter what age their child is.

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I was happy to chat with education research expert Dr. Kimberly O’Malley. She shared some practical advice for busy parents on how they can make easy changes this school year to help them be more involved in their child’s education.

What I loved about this interview is that Dr. O’Malley not only talks about academic success but she also shares tips on how to stay on top of your child’s social and emotional well-being as well. Looking out for the emotional and social well-being of children is every bit, if not more, important.

How to help your child be successful in school
There are so many wonderful tips that Dr. O’Malley shared with me! Yes, even after 19 years of teaching I learned something new! I hope you take the time to watch!

An interview with education research expert Dr. Kimberly O’Malley on how to help your child be successful in school.

Having already spent time checking out I can tell you it is a vault of information! What new ideas did you learn or what tips do you have that you can share with others?

Wishing children everywhere a wonderful school year filled with fun, growth, and learning!


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  1. A great portfolio of ideas for parents to help educate their children both at home and in the classroom.

  2. Bernadette says:

    I have always had the opportunity to be active with my kids schools and classes. Alot of parents dont have alot of extra time so having more than one way to be involved is great.

  3. I don’t have kids yet but I value the importance of being there for your child and helping them with school. These are great tips.

  4. What a great resource for parents! I’m a teacher too, so I will be sure to share this with my school!

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