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Ten Encouraging Quotes to Inspire You

Before I started my blog I needed to come up with a domain name. Anyone who has sat around trying to define a name for a blog knows how much time and energy can be spent on this one little activity.

After bouncing around names for a few days, I settled on Positively Stacey. In my mind this was gong to be a lifestyle blog based on what I know best – my life. So Positively Stacey meant that this would truly be about me (Stacey). Positively Stacey as in this is absolutely with-out-a-doubt Stacey.

Shortly after I set up my FaceBook Fan page and started posting  links to my blog’s posts, I started adding quotes and affirmations that I liked.  Positively Stacey suddenly became a place of positivity. The original intent of my blog name morphed a bit – but it also dawned on me that all of the positivity is very much who I am. I am absolutely a positive person. Sure I have my ups and downs, everyone does, but my view on life is full of optimism. I am a very upbeat kind of person.

Like my vision board, I believe in affirmations. Below are a few of my favorites.

Ten Encouraging Quotes to Inspire You

Dream Big Plan Well

dwell in possibility

10690080_1523783044531076_6211868917809608008_nImageProxy-5.mvcmind10300153_1446977785544936_4611217908319485483_nSelf-confidencebelly laugh!Choose JoyAnd then one that I just love for our blended family…

blended friends copyThese are some of my favorite inspirational quotes. What are some of your?

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