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Music to Get You Going in the Morning


Some mornings are harder to get going than others.  Like this morning – a Monday morning with a big, fat head cold – ugggh! When mornings get tough, and my energy is ebbing, I crank up the music.  Below are songs that get my energy levels up, get a spring back into my step, and help me get ready to face a new day.

I Gotta Feeling – Black Eyed Peas

This is perhaps my number one motivational song because it takes me right back to my very first triathlon.  I was standing on the sandy beach of Hawaii in my corral with hundreds of other pink swim capped ladies when this song came booming out of the speakers.  Trying to stay warm and full of nervous excitement all the ladies simultaneously starting bouncing and dancing.  That was quite a sight!

Joey Ramon – What a Wonderful World

I love the original version by Louise Armstrong, and I have a special affinity to Israel “Iz” Kanakawiwo’ole version where he blends it with Somewhere over the Rainbow . But when I need energy – this is the version I play.

Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine

This is an oldie but goodie – it is your basic feel good song!

Centerfield – John Fogerty

This song immediately takes me to the ball field, right back to the many years I watched my oldest two play years and years of baseball and softball – or right AT&T Park watching the San Francisco Giants! What is better than that?

Life is a Highway – Rascal Flatts

What more is there to say? “Life’s like that road you travel on…”
Always moving forward.

What I Got – Sublime

And one from my husband –
“Early in the morning, risin’ to the street..”
Well that’s my list.  I tried to keep it short.  Mornings are hectic and short on time in our home. I find that the music helps us all get moving a little bit faster, and often sets a happy tone for the day.

What music do you turn to to help energize your day? I’d live to hear your suggestions and add them to my list.

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