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You Are in Charge of Your Life

I saw this list the other day, and I was struck by the wisdom it presented. I like statements to be phrased in the positive as opposed to the negative.  Call it all my teacher training, but usually when you tell someone what not to do – it is the first thing on their mind of what to do.  Nevertheless, I really like this list.


There have been times in my life where others have commented on my strength.  Not physical strength mind you 🙂 Of that I have little.  Their comments were in reference to some perceived mental and/or emotional strength.  I usually just smiled and nodded.  Not really sure of what strength they were talking about.  To me it was always about breathing.  Reminding myself to get up in the morning and breathe.  It was all about putting one foot in front of the other and making it through my day. I am not unique in this.  Many people have found themselves at some point in their life – taking everything day by day. There is something to be said about being strong, about finding your strength, about knowing your have power and that that power is yours. Item #2 – They don’t give away their power. Giving away your power makes you a victim, to reclaim it, is empowering.

I was separated from my husband.  He had left for the last time.  Trying to save my marriage had been a very long and hard road to travel.  Coming to acceptance was challenging. One day he came by the house to get something, and as he walked past me he paused. He turned, looked at me, and very sincerely said, “I just want you to know how sorry I am.  I’m sorry. I am sorry I have ruined our life.”It hit me right then and there.  It hit me hard. I shot back, “You have not ruined my life.  You have ruined our marriage. You have ruined our family as our children know it.  But you have not ruined my life.” At that moment I realized my life was in my control.  The power to make it what I wanted was mine.  Call it an ah-ha moment, call it a turning point.  It was a very fortitudinous moment. Knowing that you have your own power is potent.

Keep your power.  You are mighty.


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