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Life Goes On. Yes, it does Robert Frost, yes it does.

Continuing to move forward

I was flipping through some notes of mine today looking for a favorite recipe when I came upon a short note of thanks I wrote titled,Thanksgiving Blessings.  I wrote this little piece on Thanksgiving Day in 2009.

Thanksgiving Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends! I’m busy counting my blessings – and there are so many; my list is long. Son and daughters, family and friends, pool parties and bunco babes, softball tournaments and gymnastic meets, students who bring me smiles and a job I love, walks on the beach and biking on trails, sunsets and starry nights, music, books, and art. I hope all of you, my friends, have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Nothing really monumental, just me musing about what I was thankful for on that day.What is surprising though is that was my first holiday after my husband walked out the door for the last time. Four months almost to the day of when he packed up and said good-bye. This final good-bye was after I spent two years trying everything I knew of to convince my husband of 21 years that he should choose me. Two years of intense marital counseling. Two years of me privately sobbing the huge ugly cry on my bathroom floor. Two years of looking into my children’s eyes wondering what this would do to them. Two years of me living in fear of the unknown. Two years of me begging. Yes, I begged. Yes, I loved him. Yes, I loved what we had built over the two decades, and I did not want to lose any of it. It was two years of traveling a long, winding, and hilly road to acceptance,

Well four months after that dreadful day; the day that I truly knew our marriage was over, I was living a new normal and celebrating Thanksgiving the best way that I could. I made a list of all that I was thankful for.

At that point I had no idea what my future held. But I knew that I would make it, because after all, life goes on.


And it did. I climbed Half Dome, moved twice, became a triathlete, changed jobs, learned to date, got engaged, got married to an incredible man, became a stepparent to three great kids, started this blog, and rebuilt a life that is full of blessings.Yes, life goes on. And that is a good thing 🙂

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