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Let’s Talk Turkey! The Turkey Helpline is Open.

It’s getting close – Thanksgiving is upon us and for many of us that means it is turkey time! I have cooked many turkeys over the years. Fortunately, I have never really had a turkey or Thanksgiving dinner disaster. I simply have lots of wonderful memories…

Thanksgiving Turkey Legs

My mom making the best stuffing ever, roasting early morning turkeys to take to my children’s school-wide Thanksgiving feast, my grandmother making her famous pies, my husband barbecuing our first Thanksgiving turkey, my brother-on-law deep-frying turkeys… so many memories!

Turkey on the Green Egg

Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

Sharing your favorite memories with friends and family has always been a special part of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Some people may remember savoring that unexpected side dish their grandmother made when they were a kid. Others may remember the year their mom forgot to turn on the oven and dinner was served much later than was planned.

Turkey has a way of bringing people together. In fact, it’s hard to think of a Thanksgiving without it. This year, Butterball is asking family and friends to “throwback” to their favorite Thanksgiving memories and reflect on the holiday meal.

Here is a throwback photo from last year. This is my sister-in-law Julie’s beautiful Thanksgiving table where she brought a lot of family and friends together to share the holiday.

Thanksgiving Table

As we know, cooking a holiday meal takes a lot of planning and preparation, whether it’s your first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner or you’re an old pro at roasting the turkey. Fortunately there are professionals to help. Butterball Turkey Talk-Line experts have been helping families by providing advice for 35 years – the 50+ experts help more than 3M holiday cooks each November and December. This year, the Talk-Line experts will open the vault to share most memorable calls over the years, personal recipes, top tips and never before seen video/photos.

In addition to wonderful memories, Sue Smith of the Butterball Turkey Hotline is here to answer the most common questions that are asked each year. She also discusses the three Ts that we need to remember when cooking our turkey: Thaw, Themometer, and Tent. Check out the video and see some jazzy twists on some holiday classic recipes as well.

However your are spending your Thanksgiving holiday – I wish you and yours a memorable holiday full of abundant blessings!

Abundant Blessings

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving memories? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Watching Santa arrive in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I cry every year. Ridiculous but true!

    1. Stacey says:

      Not ridiculous at all! I love watching the parade as well.

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