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Money Well Spent

Sometimes it makes sense to spend money to save money. Here are three things that I have invested in that have been well worth their cost. It is capital spent upfront, but in the long run these three actions have saved me money.

Money Well Spent

1.  Museum memberships. I love visiting museums! Living in an area filled with wonderful museums within driving distance means that I am able to take advantage of some really awesome opportunities. It doesn’t take many visits to reap my money’s worth. My strategy is to hold one membership at a time and visit that organization many times throughout the year. With exhibits constantly changing, each visit is a different experience. This is one way to make a stay vacation memorable.

2. Food Sealer. I have a large family, and I routinely buy meat and other groceries in large quantities when they are on sale. I divide the product into family size servings and freeze. My food sealer makes this easier, and it really helps keep the food from getting freezer burnt. For me investing in a food sealer has been a very smart investment as it has saved me lots of money over the years!

3. LED Light Bulbs. My husband gets the credit for this one. He is the one who is always trying to save energy in our home. He has two reasons for this; one, to help lower the bills, and two, because it is better for the environment. Not only have we converted all possible home lights to LEDs, our Christmas house lights are now exclusively LED as well. Yes, they cost more, but this is an investment that my husband feels strongly about. In the long run – they really do save us money.

What “investments” have you made that help you save money in the long run?

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