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Staying Healthy Saves Money

Last week I headed to the doctor’s for my annual exam. As I walked out the door, I stopped to see if I needed to pay my copay. The receptionist nodded her head saying that my well-care visit was covered by insurance. That got me thinking about how much being healthy and being proactive with health care can help us save money.

Staying Healthy Saves Money

  • Keeping my biannual visit to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned along with daily brushing and flossing keeps the cavities away.
  • Annual flu shots helps keep me from taking sick days.
  • Screenings help me find potential problems early before they may be life threatening.
  • Preparing my own healthy food and eating at home is cheaper than eating out.
  • My calcium supplements (deemed necessary from blood work) will hopefully help my bones as I age.
  • Drinking water is cheaper than buying soda.

Yep, I realized last week that scheduling and keeping my well care appointments are great for my health and my pocketbook.

Some of these savings do depend on health insurance benefits. When I compare co-pays and out-of-pocket expenses with some friends, I realize that my insurance is pretty good. Not everyone’s is as encompassing and generous in regards to well-patient care, but truth be told – I have had better. Staying on-top of health insurance options is also important to saving money.

But when you think about it, how many people put off well-care visits because they are too busy? How many people do not fully take advantage of all the benefits due to them? I know that I have been guilty of both of these.

As I drove away I realized that no matter how busy I am, I really need to be proactive with my health. It’s a win-win for my body and my bank account.  When thinking about how to save money, staying healthy should top the list.

Have you thought about the connection between staying healthy and saving money? 

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