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The 2018 Oscar Nominees Are…

This morning I watched the announcements of the Oscar nominees on television. With the announcements coming at 5:30 a.m. out of Beverly Hills, CA, it is an early morning for the announcers. That is for sure.

The 2018 Oscar Nominees Are

I admit this has not been a successful year for me to get to the movies – I have not seen nearly as many movies as I typically see each year. Which means I will be seeing many movies over the next few weeks. I like seeing every movie that is up for a big award – for me that covers Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Actress in a Supporting Role, and Costume Designer. Fortunately, there is always a lot of overlap of movies.

The 2018 Oscar Nominees Are…

The Nine Best Picture Nominees are:

  1. Call Me By Your Name
  2. Darkest Hour
  3. Dunkirk
  4. Get Out
  5. Lady Bird
  6. Phantom Thread
  7. The Post
  8. The Shape of Water
  9. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Now that I know what the Best Picture nominees are for sure, I need to start planning my Oscar Party menu. I try to match up menu items with the individual movies. Last year’s celebration included an eclectic array of food that reflected the wide variety of movies.

Everything on last year’s menu was delicious. Jalebi (Lion) was a new treat for me to enjoy, and I was able to get it at a local shop.

The party ended with a coffee bar in nod to the movie Hidden Figures.

The 90th Oscars are on Sunday night March 4th. Thank goodness I have some time to see all of these movies! First there will be plenty of movie viewing and then the menu planning. If you have any ideas for menu items that reflect the wide variety of movies that have been nominated this year, I’d love to hear your suggestions.




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  1. kaelyn says:

    Stuffed mushrooms for phantom thread and devilled eggs for shape of water

    1. Stacey says:

      Those are two of my favorite appetizers! Great ideas!

  2. Karin nazaruk says:

    I am going to make
    Placecards that look like billboards
    stuffed mushrooms(phantom)
    Deviled eggs (shape of water)
    Cheese (ladybird)
    Peach sorbet (call by name)
    Chicken coq au vin (ladybird)
    Salmon (shape)
    Watermelon salad cut in shapes of ship and airplane ( Dunkirk)
    Key lime pie( shape)
    Cigar cookies( Darkest hour)
    Fruit loop dessert of some kind ( Get out)
    For table setting -teacup s with spoons (get out)
    Placemats – Washington post newspaper (post)

    1. Stacey says:

      Wow, great ideas! I love the Washington post for placemats. Perfect! The chicken coq au vin sounds delicious!

  3. Hi Stacy…I’m new to your blog, and love it! I might suggest Fish and Chips for a nod to Dunkirk. 🙂

    1. Stacey says:

      Hi Cheryl, so glad to have you here! I love the idea of Fish and Chips as they are a favorite of mine. I can just see serving them in paper cones. I’m going to have to work on that. I did just try a yummy coating on fish for fish tacos. Hmmmm….. You’ve got me thinking! Welcome!

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