Let Your Light Shine Through

Life has changed so much in the last month. This is now day #34 of sheltering in place. It is crazy to think that I haven’t had to fill my car with gas in over a month. I still have almost 3/4 of a tank! Clearly, I am following our county and state orders to stay at home. Even though we are all at home, there are many ways we can let our light shine through.

Life has changed. I see people getting restless and people getting angry. I see fear. People have lost their jobs and have real food insecurities. I know essential workers that have isolated themselves from their families to keep them safe. This is lonely and at times overwhelming. Yes, we are living through some very troubling times, and for some it is a real financial and emotional crisis. The food lines are long.

So what to do? I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I try in my own small way to make a difference. We all have something to share with the world. We all have skills, talents, and even a smile to share with someone else. I have been gifted a face mask from a student that sews, a jar of jam from a friend that cans, and flower bulbs from a friend who gardens. These are all gifts from the heart! My skills include teaching, so I try to help my fellow teachers by sharing my tech skills, curriculum planning, and online resources. We haven’t lost a paycheck, so we are making regular donations to a local food bank.

Staying connected is more important that ever! This health crises has highlighted all of the cracks in our society. Those being hurt most are the vulnerable people of our societies – the elderly and the poor. It has pulled back the thin veneer of perceived wealth as many people cannot survive losing one paycheck, let alone a month’s worth.

My challenge to all of you is to find ways to let your light shine through. That might simply be a phone call to someone, a hand written note, or a smile shared. If you are in a position to do more, please do.

I am listening to the scientist and health professionals. I am not fighting the SIP order, though I admit I am going a bit-stir crazy! My heart goes out to the health care workers, and I am staying home for them. Those on the front lines of fighting this virus are risking their lives to save the lives of those infected. To those that are saying they don’t care if they get sick, to those standing in groups on street corners holding signs that read, “We will not comply,” think of the ones on the front lines that will be there doing their best to keep you alive should you become sick. Your actions today affect more than just yourself.

Today, I am asking all of you to let your light shine through. Share your skills and talents with those around you. Feel with your heart and move forward with your mind and love. If you are struggling, reach out to those around you. If you can help, reach out your helping hand. Remember, this too shall pass. Be a light in our world.

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