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Getting Ready for Spring and Summer Entertaining

The warmer weather is popping up here, and this has me thinking about getting ready for spring and summer entertaining! Spring cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you think about the upcoming parties that you may be hosting. After all, this is the season of showers, graduations, Cinco de Mayo fiestas, pool parties, Fourth of July, and I am sure there must be a few birthdays in there as well.

I admit, when I plan a party, I start thinking about what I need to be doing to clean up around the house a bit. When I think spring and summer gatherings, I think about what I need to do in the yard! Scheduling a big party gets me thinking about tackling some must needed cleaning jobs.

Getting Ready for Spring and Summer Entertaining

What needs to be done?

  • Wash down the patio furniture
  • Plant some new annuals

  • Purge the pool toys and see what needs to replenished
  • Get some new pillows for the patio furniture
  • Check on backyard lighting  such as candle lanterns, hanging lights, or Tiki torches

  • Organize the garage

Ok, that last one doesn’t need to be tackled before hosting a party, but the garage is where I store supplies that I will be using more now that the weather is warmer. All my gardening, yard, and pool  supplies are in there. This is also the holding spot for much of my overflow entertaining supplies: tables, chairs, tablecloths, big pots, platters, and decor. Spring is the best time to tackle this job, because summer just gets too dang hot!

I tackled my garage two weeks ago, and it feels so good every time I walk in there. Which is multiple times a day, I might say. My husband spent time fixing up or wine barrel cooler – getting it ready for another season of keeping our party drinks nice and cold.

While I haven’t pulled out the patio cushions yet (we still had rain last week), I have started thinking about the flower planting that I would like to do. This weekend I will tackle the furniture and planting. Then I will be looking for some new and colorful pillows to add to our yard.

My fast and easy Fourth of July pillows!

I had a chance to take with Colleen Burns about what she does to help jumpstart spring cleaning. She knows all about spring cleaning. As the mom of six boys she has more than a few tips to share. Talk about being a master of cleaning – you would have to be in order to stay on top of that!

Some of Colleen’s timely tips:

  • Tackle the bathroom first
  • Take care of the lawn – It is what guests notice first as the visit your home.
  • Need new appliances? Maytag is hosting special deals for May is Maytag Month
  • Help your family breathe easier with an air purifier – super helpful for allergies

Wherever you start, enjoy your spring cleaning more by visualizing all the fun you will be having this summer. Just picture the good times ahead with family and friends gathered in you home and yard celebrating moments together.

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