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Home Organization Plan April Calendar

Can you believe that it is already April? No foolin! April has arrived. And that means it is time for another monthly home organization calendar. How is your home organization going? I admit, March was a bit of a bust for me. I started off strong, but then life got extra busy with schoolwork (report cards and conferences) and I came down with the flu. That really knocked me out for a solid week plus. So my March calendar still has about half of the tasks that need to be completed. No worries – I plan on getting it done.

Home Organization Plan April Calendar

April Home Prganization PlanI am also looking to April’s task. This month I am working on my office space/ guest bedroom/ den. Yes, we have one room that serves triple duty. This room is off our family room and houses a pull-out couch used for overnight guests, a desk containing our household files, and a cabinet full of books and TV. Even though the room is used daily for one task or another – it has become the dumping ground in our home for all wayside papers, books, blankets, pillows, my photography lights, unhung pictures – you get it. Anything that does not really have a home finds its way into this room.

Office Before

Office Before

This is all about to change! I am really excited to be tackling this room because we have planned a pretty serious overhaul.  Currently the room opens up with double glass french doors. We are going to remove the double doors and make it a solid wall. Then we will be moving the entry door to another side wall  and keep it as a simple single door. This will give us more room in our family room and give me one solid wall in the new office to dedicate to bookcases and the desk. I am hoping to make the room a more efficient office and studio for me to work in.

Office Before

With all of that in mind, this month is dedicated to working on the office. I will be purging all the files, reorganizing what I need to keep, shredding and shredding and shredding what needs to go bye-bye, and purging a whole lot of books. I will be getting rid of a beautiful cabinet that houses a lot of books and even the binders of schoolwork from my Masters of Education days.

Sometimes it is hard to get rid of furniture that has wonderful memories, but I keep reminding myself that this cabinet, hand built and signed by an Amish craftsman, has served its purpose. This piece came from my first marriage. We looked and looked for the perfect piece to fill a wall in our (then) new home. It served its purpose in that room for nearly two decades. I have kept the piece and moved it to two different homes and stashing it anywhere I might be able to make it fit. It does fit, but not well, and takes up too much space in this already thrice served room. So time to let it go.

Office Before

The room will be so much lighter without all of this furniture. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. Though I admit, this is a big job! That cabinet is home to a lot of books, binders, photographs, and boxes of mementos.  I am going to have to let a lot of stuff go.

I am ready.

Let the purging, organizing, and over haul begin!

Her is your printable calendar: April Home Prganization Plan And a few of the supplies that I will be using to overhaul my office. As you know I love to color code. This holds true to my office as well. My files are getting an overhaul and this is the color coding system that I follow:

  • Green – Financial
  • Red – Medical
  • Orange – Personal
  • Yellow – Insurance
  • Blue – House
  • Purple – Pets
  • Grey – Auto

It makes for a bright filing cabinet, but it also helps me keep it all organized. I also like to use binders. More about the binder system that I use next week.

How about you? Do you have office space or guest room that could be re-organized? Let me know how your organization projects are coming along.

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  1. I love how reorganizing an area is so energizing. I’m looking forward to watching the transformation you create.

  2. Stacey says:

    Aren’t those trees beautiful! I snapped that photo at University of Washington when I was there touring the campus with one of my daughters four years ago.

  3. Love those cherry blossoms. You are so brave to take that office remodel on and I look forward to hopefully getting a peek at the end results. Good luck with the build!

  4. Wow, I can’t wait to see what your office/everything else room looks like when the project is done. I know it can be hard to get rid of things, but we have to so that we have the space we need.

    1. Stacey says:

      I am excited, too! That helps with getting rid of so many books.

  5. Your calendar is wonderful! I start out every month with one and it falls apart. Right now we are getting new doors, organizing painters and working on the garden. I need to start scheduling…

    1. Stacey says:

      That is a lot of work to under take! I love working outside – but my green thumb is not as good as I would like it to be,

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