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May Home Organization Calendar

Oh no! It is already May 3rd and I am just now posting my May Home Organization Calendar! So sorry for being a bit late with this. Life, as always, is super busy. This month is a jam packed month and I am really looking forward to two graduations and one promotion. That is right -the even numbered years seem to always be full of life and school transitions for our family.

We have one that is graduating college, one graduating high school, and the youngest has her 8th grade promotion. Throw in two graduation parties – one out of state, Mother’s Day, and a birthday, and you can see that my life needs to be super organized this month.

SUPER organized!

This month’s calendar is really just a month of catch up. I had originally planned on starting in my kitchen this month, but looking at our life calendar, I figured that would just add more stress and mess to my life. Yes mess – because the purging and sorting always seems to make a big mess, before it is all placed back in an orderly fashion. So I am calling this month catch up! There are areas that I did not fully tend to. Plus I am not fully done with my new office. It is coming along and I love my new wall color, I just need some more time to finish some files.

Do you have any missed areas that need to be re-visited? If so, use this time to go back and catch up any areas that need a little bit more love. May 2106 Organization CalendarAnd here is a printable version for you: May 2106 Organization Calendar

How is your home organization coming along?

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