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What a Difference a New Ceiling Fan Makes

Recently the ceiling fan in our bedroom died. Honestly, I never really paid much attention to it until it quit working. That is clearly evidenced by all of the dust that had accumulated on the white ceiling fan! Even in the winter months our upstairs can get warm and stuffy, so we definitely needed to replace the fan. My husband and I headed to Home Depot to see what they had in stock.  Even though the fan had been white, and I had never given it a second thought, once it needed to be replaced, it made sense to replace the white fan with a darker brown to match the espresso color of our bedroom furniture.

We found a really fun looking fan made by Hunter in the shape of large leaves. Banana leaves maybe? The brown complemented our furniture, while the style complemented our Ralph Lauren bedding, Grand Isle. Gavin and Dominck worked together replacing the fan.


While the white of the prior fan never bothered me, once it was swapped out for a darker fan, all I can now notice is how the bathroom cabinets stand out like a sore thumb! The light oak – we have tons of this in our home – looks completely wrong.  And the way our bed is facing, I am always looking towards the bathroom!  Because the fan broke, I now need to change the bathroom!


A bathroom remodel is NOT in the budget, so I need to find a way to fix it.  A little research into various products, and I have decided to paint out the cabinets an espresso color.  Honestly, my husband is a bit nervous about the idea. But as I said, we have a lot of this oak cabinetry in our home – I would really love to paint our kitchen cabinets! I am thinking that painting the bathroom cabinets will be good practice.  It is a much smaller job, and it’s in our bathroom – a room not seen by many people other than family.  If it works – great! If not, well, I will have to rethink painting the kitchen.

All this because our ceiling fan broke!

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