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Extra Storage for a Small Bathroom


I love this idea! It is so simple!  Yet before I walked into our rented Venice cottage, I had never seen a shelving unit quite like this. I could have really used this in my girl’s bathroom in my last home.  By simply adding a small towel rack to the front of a wooden shelving unit, you add more storage space, have access to a hanging towel, and hide the mess behind! How ingenious!

In my last home I thought I was clever when I added a tower shelving unit to the kids’ bathroom and found some colorful baskets to help the kids keep their items organized.  Well on, “time to clean the bathroom days,” it looked great!  However any other time a guest walked into the bathroom, the shelving unit was a mess; makeup, hair ties, hair straighteners – everything teenage girls use to get themselves ready for the day were thrown all over the shelving unit in complete disarray.  Had I thought of drilling a couple of holes and attaching a towel rod, the mess would have been completely hidden!



Love all this idea! I know with six kids and four of them girls, our bathrooms are constantly needing to be picked up and cleaned.  Having storage and a place for everything always makes the clean-up process so much easier!




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