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12 Songs to Keep You Running

I have been doing a pretty good job sticking to my workout schedule. I have not been perfect, but I never strive for perfection anyways. I have been back in the pool, on the bike, and out on the road running. Lol! My running is much more like shuffling, but I have been back out “shuffling” putting in two to three miles at a time.

Brazen Trail Run

This last week, I was able to get in 7 of my 8 last workouts. A quick trip to Hawaii kinda’ go in the way. While running (shuffling) in Hawaii sounds heavenly, I enjoyed sleeping in (time difference), whale watching,  swimming in waterfalls, and a few mai tais. So despite my best of intentions to work out while traveling – it didn’t happen.

Maui Collage

Getting back into the routine of exercise has felt really good! Even jumping into the outdoor lap pool in the darkness of night has been exhilarating  – after the first four laps where all I feel is cold that is. I simply love the moment the endorphins kick in, and I suddenly start dreaming of completing bigger events.

But somedays it takes a bit more to get me out the door than others. Mostly because with my work/home schedule I don’t get to exercise until somewhere between 7:00 pm and 9:30 p.m. To help me enjoy the time on the road or in the gym (but not in the pool) I have created a new playlist.

This playlist has some new to my list songs mixed with some of my favorite workout songs. I admit that I have a few songs that get placed on most of my workout/run lists.

Music is a personal choice, but here is my latest playlist that I am currently enjoying!

12 Songs to Keep You Running

12 Songs to Keep You Running - Perfect for a 50 minute workout!

These songs are placed in order to start getting me moving, then go strong, and then includes a slow/cool down.

Here is the calendar that I created to help me stay on track.

January Workout Calendar copy

Print a copy of this calendar here: January Workout Calendar

What songs do you enjoy listening to when working out?

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  2. Wake me up is an awesome running song! Actually I think I will copy your playlist

  3. Great Selection!! Without the right music it can get pretty hard to be on the mood

  4. ohhh great pick! I love waka waka, but I always forget about it!

  5. I love listening to music when i walk. This is a great list.

  6. Totally love Avicii and have a bunch of his songs in rotating currently. Love taylor swift, too. Lots of great dance songs that make me want to keep working. Other than that, I like trance music/dance/pop music to work out to!

  7. I always listen to music when I walk/run. It’s great motivation.

  8. I hate running, so anything that can make i more bearable is awesome! I always end up with Ke$ha playing!

  9. Hope you don’t mind me snagging your list. I love these songs but somehow they aren’t in my routine yet.

  10. Pink is my all time fav. Love listening to music.

  11. Maybe I need to try this playlist for my indoor workouts! I’ve been really having to push myself!

  12. Oh I would not want to exercise on vacation, though running in Hawaii sounds motivating. I wish I could run, I’ve been trying to do the stationery bike for my exercise. I always feel better when I do it, just really bad at sticking to the habit. Thanks for sharing the playlist, I love all these songs!

  13. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says:

    I truly dislike running, but when I do run, I NEED great music to run to.

  14. Oh my gosh I love this! I run almost everyday, so I’m always in need of new songs to keep me going! I’m adding these all to my spotify 🙂 thanks for the suggestions!!

  15. ahhhh I love Hawaii too and I don’t know if I could have stuck to my routine while vacationing there – no worries, you’ll get back in it. 😉 AND these are great song choices – gets you pumped to go

  16. That is an amazing list, thank you!

    1. Stacey says:

      You are welcome!

  17. Debra says:

    Oh man, I think a trip to Hawaii is the perfect thing to get in the way. I am 26 for 26 on workouts this year!

    1. Stacey says:

      Debra, that is amazing! Congrats – that is hard earned!

  18. You’ve got a fun collection of tunes there. But when it got to Billy Idol, I’d have to stop running and just dance like crazy. 🙂

    1. Stacey says:

      I pretty much do that in my head! It takes me right back to one of his concerts I went to with my girlfriends. Lots of dancing that night!

  19. I’m a walker and I listen to motivational tapes to set the tone for the day. I find this so motivational. I have the music playlist to get me moving for tennis and I listen to them in the car on the way. I find it so helpful.

    1. Stacey says:

      Yes! I have genres for all sort of tasks. Grading papers calls for Pandora’s Study Hall, cleaning up my classroom at the end of the day is Coldplay, cleaning at home I like Pink Martini. Crazy huh?

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