Cozy Up With These Soul-Warming Soups

The weather is getting chilly out there. Parts of our country are dealing with blizzards! Yes – that is cold. This is the perfect time to cozy up with these soul-warming soups. I just made a big pot of the Curried Butternut Squash soup Sunday for my hubby’s birthday dinner. As always, it was delicious!… [Continue Reading]

Lower Carb Green Bean Casserole #SundaySupper

I have always loved green beans, but I will admit, I have never been a fan of the traditional green bean casserole. I have found them just to be too creamy and heavy. On the other hand, my family loves them, and yes, they have traditionally been on the Thanksgiving dinner table every year since… [Continue Reading]

22 Fall Time Activities For You to Enjoy

Oops! I found this post ready to go and just sitting in my drafts. It’s not as timely as had it been published mid October, which was the plan, but there are still many wonderful fall time activities for you to enjoy. I totally enjoyed a week in the woods with my sixth graders at… [Continue Reading]

How to Double Your Money

For today’s Money Monday I thought I’d share a simple mathematical way to help you figure out how long it takes to double your money. Recently I was having a conversation with my daughter and she mentioned to me that she wanted her savings to double. So I explained to her the Rule of 72.… [Continue Reading]

How to Relish the Holidays

So many of us greet the holidays with mixed emotions. We look forward to all the fun and festivities, and we are completely overwhelmed and stressed out at the same time. It really should not be that way. As parents we try to create magical memories for our children and enjoy our time with family… [Continue Reading]