My Heart Goes Out To So Many Affected by the Fires

My home town of Santa Rosa has been hit by a fast moving, ferocious, and all-consuming fire. Santa Rosa is the area hit by fires that I know best, but neighboring towns and counties have been under seize as well. So many homes and businesses are gone, and lives have been lost as well. Many… [Continue Reading]

Money Well Spent

Sometimes it makes sense to spend money to save money. Here are three things that I have invested in that have been well worth their cost. It is capital spent upfront, but in the long run these three actions have saved me money. Money Well Spent 1.  Museum memberships. I love visiting museums! Living in… [Continue Reading]

October Week Two Dinner Menus and Shopping List

It has been a busy week! This weekend has been filled with exploring Sonoma County and the Harvest Fair. So many good wines to taste and beautiful vineyards to wander through. But soon I will be back to my normal work week routine and that means getting dinner on the table every night. Using my Monthly… [Continue Reading]

A Few of Our Favorite Chicago Attractions

Ok, so you are headed to Chicago for a very quick trip! With so many wonderful city sights to see – where do you even start??? I admit, I am no expert on Chi Town, but my stepdaughter went to college there so over four years we were able to visit the city for weekend… [Continue Reading]

The Best Ever Homemade Chili Beans Recipe

My husband makes up the best ever homemade chili beans. Hands down – they are the best! We love to have these chili beans as a side to grilled chicken, barbecued brisket, and even with fried eggs for breakfast! Yes, it takes time to soak the pinto beans, but with a little bit of planning… [Continue Reading]