How We Family: Blended Family of Eight

This post first appeared on The Next Family as part of  TYLENOL®  and their #HowWeFamily campaign. Every family is different. While there are many families that do fit the “traditional” family mold, there are others, like us, that do not. I was happy to see Tylenol run their #HowWeFamily campaign and thankful for the chance… [Continue Reading]


Eggslut – Downtown LA

Eggslut in downtown LA is a must stop if you like eggs for breakfast, lunch, or a late afternoon snack.  I first heard of Eggslut from a blogger friend, Monica. When I read about her experience there, I tucked that bit of information away in the back of my mind. The place intrigued me, and… [Continue Reading]

Eggslut Downtown LA

How To Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

I don’t know about you, but I cannot start my day without my morning cup of coffee. I admit, I used to be a person that frequented coffee shops on an almost daily basis. Yep, you would see me each morning drive up to school and walk into my classroom with a plastic-lidded paper cup of… [Continue Reading]

Cup of Coffee

Book Review of A Man Called Ove: A Novel

It is time to revisit my summer reading list. I read a few of the books that I set out to read last June, and I also read a few that were not on the list – more about that later. One book I read and really enjoyed was A Man Called Ove: A Novel… [Continue Reading]

A Man Called Ove Book Review

The Wonderful Scents of Autumn

Close your eyes and imagine walking into a home where fresh baked cinnamon bread was just pulled from the oven. That sweet aroma makes me swoon. The wafting scent of a fresh brewed cup of coffee soothes my soul. Scent absolutely affect our emotions. Many people tend to take their sense of smell for granted –… [Continue Reading]

autumn mantel