Enjoying the Sonoma County Harvest Fair and a Weekend of Wine Tasting

If you like food and drink than you need to experience the Sonoma County Harvest Fair! This three day gathering, running from Friday to Sunday October, 6 – 8, pays homage to the agricultural roots, world-class wines, craft beers, and top-chefs of Sonoma County. All in one place you will get to experience some of the… [Continue Reading]

BBQ Pizza is so Easy with my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans

I was flipping through my photos and came across pictures that I took when I first received my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans. They were so bright and shiny back then! Then looking through my blog posts, I realized that I never shared how BBQ pizza is so easy with my Pampered Chef Pizza Pans. Easy… [Continue Reading]

Some of the Best Pick Up Lines from Pop Culture

When life gets hectic it’s important to enjoy the little things and to make time to nurture your most important relationships. Between juggling the kids, the household and other commitments it’s almost too easy at times to let your marriage to take a back seat. But you’d be surprised at the little things you can… [Continue Reading]

September Week Three Dinner Menus and Shopping List

It is time to plan my shopping list for the coming week. I cannot tell you how much easier my afterwork life is when dinners are planned and the ingredients are in the home. It is a much smoother transition and makes for a happier mama. Plus the kids just take a look at the… [Continue Reading]

Must-Sees When in Victoria, B.C.

We took a quick side trip to Victoria, B.C as part of our 2017 Road Trip. Since we only had 24 hours to take in and enjoy all that this charming city has to offer, we had to prioritize. Luckily my husband has visited a number of times in the past, and knows the lay… [Continue Reading]