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Five Small Changes That Make a Big impact

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I recently spoke with Stefani Sassos, and she said a phrase that stuck with me. She referred to small but practical choices we can make. This got me thinking about all the small choices that we make that can have a bigger impact on our lives. Small but practical, meaning easy for us to partake in and sustainable as well. If we think of small changes that make big impact – we could think of both negative and positive outcomes. It is so easy to slip into habits that have negative effects, but of course that is not where I want to go with today’s thinking. We want results that help us create a beautiful life.

Five Small Changes that Make a Big Impact

Let’s start with drinking enough water. Water requirements are different for everyone. Body size, gender, exercise, environment (how hot or cool is it), health, and breast feeding are just a few of the factors that affect a person’s need for water. But a rule of thumb to know if you are adequately hydrated is to rarely feel thirsty (this can be hard for some to discern when you are not used to checking body signals) and to have clear or light yellow urine. Keep a water bottle handy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Try infusing your water with natural flavors

Get outside each day. When I say get outside, I do not mean walking to your car or running errands. I really mean spending some time outside soaking in some fresh air. It might be a quick walk around the block or a midday lunch break sitting on a park bench. Take this time to breathe and refresh, letting go of any stress you may be holding onto. Be present with nature. Even better, try grounding. Grounding or earthing is walking barefoot on grass, soil, or sand, and it has proven health benefits. Our Earth has a negative electrical charge. It is believed that through grounding you are connecting to the earth’s energy. I ground each morning in our yard, while I am letting the dog out.

Eat whole foods. Adding more whole, single ingredient foods to your life has many health benefits! Plus the more whole foods you eat, the less space you will have for processed foods. Whole foods are full of nutrients, fiber, minerals and vitamins. The higher fiber content can help regulate blood sugars. Plus eating more whole foods helps us eat a rainbow of colors.

Connect with others. Spending time each day checking in on family and friends. I use my short commute time to call my mom each day. My daughters often call me while driving home from their work. My son calls while walking his dog. These phone conversations are short but provide us the connection we need. It’s been reported that America has a loneliness epidemic, and it’s literally killing people. Lacking connection has been equated with smoking 15 cigarettes a day! Proactively build your community by reaching out to others. You can find community groups through your local library, churches,, or your community centers. Be intentional about building connections.

Read more. As an educator, I am an advocate for continual life-long learning! One of the best ways to learn about anything new is to pick up a book. It really doesn’t matter if you prefer fiction or nonfiction. The goal is to expand your universe. So get lost in a great novel or learn more about a specific topic – the choice is yours. Try setting a goal of reading one book a month. Reading at the end of the day (instead of watching tv) is a great way to escape and unwind from stress.

So there you have it. Five small changes that have a big impact. Of course you know I am a huge proponent of journaling, yoga, and meditation – but I wanted to keep this list to five small changes that anyone can focus on starting today. Five small changes that are easy, sustainable, and make a big impact. The key to seeing the benefits will be consistency. To help you build a consistent practice, try linking the above ideas with something you already do. Like make a phone call while commuting, adding whole foods to each meal, reading before bed, take lunch time walk outside, and start each day with a glass of water. I promise you these five changes will have a big and positive impact on your life.

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