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January Journal Prompts to Start the Year

January Journal Prompts

Journaling is a part of my life! Whether it is my bullet journal full of ideas and habit tracking, my productivity journal that helps my organize my to-do lists and menu planning, or my reading/meditation journal that I jot thoughts in as I read or after meditating – I am never far from a leather bound journal and a bag of colorful pens. This year, I have decided to be a bit more focused and give myself prompts to respond to on a daily basis. So today I am sharing the first 31 prompts of the year! Here are January journal prompts to start the year.

If journaling is not a part of your life, I highly recommend you give it a try! Journaling has helped me through tough times; it always helps me reflect and think back about the goodness of life; it definitely helps me be organized and focused with my daily routines. There are so many benefits from journaling and there are a lot of different journal styles. How to get started journaling is a great article to read to get you started if this is not a current practice of yours. I have also written about specific types of journaling: Reaping the Benefits of a Gratitude Journal, How Journaling Can Help with Achieving Your Goals, and The Importance of Keeping a Training Journal.

How to Get Started Writing a Journal

January Journal Prompts to Start the Year

  1. Write about a shining moment from last year. What was an achievement that you are proud about? 
  2. What word would you choose to name your intention for the month of January? For the year? Why?
  3. What is a short term goal that you would like to achieve this month? What is the why behind this goal?
  4. What is a six month goal that you would like to achieve by summer? What is the why behind this goal?
  5. What is a long-term goal (12 months) that you would like to achieve by the end of 2024 ? What is the why behind this goal?
  6. What is your vision of your life for the coming year? Make a vision board.
  7. Think about a challenge that you dealt with this past year that was out of your control.  First give yourself grace for how you coped with your situation. Then reflect, would you have made any different decisions or reacted differently? 
  8. What life lessons did you learn this past year?
  9. What brings you joy?
  10. What can you do this year to add more joy to your life?
  11. Who was your biggest supporter this past year? How did they support you? What did you gain?
  12. What new hobby or passion would you like to explore this year? Set a date on your calendar. 
  13. How do you deal with stress? Do you want to make any changes?
  14.  Do you have a bad habit that you would like to break this year? What good habit can you replace your bad habit with?
  15. Looking over the past year, what are you grateful for?
  16. What are three wins you can achieve today?
  17. What are your nightly rituals? Is that different from your ideal nightly ritual?
  18. What can you do today to honor yourself? Make it happen!
  19. What traits do you look for in friends?
  20. Describe a favorite memory you have.
  21. What do you want more of this coming year? 
  22. How do you spend the majority of your time? Does this work for you? Do you need to find more balance?
  23. How do you want your home to look and feel?
  24. Write down the titles of three books you would like to read. 
  25. What are you afraid of? How can you overcome this fear? 
  26. Write about a person you find inspirational.
  27. What do you need to make space for in your life?
  28. What do you love about your body? Why?
  29. What was a big take-away or ah-ha moment that you have had?
  30. What is something you are looking forward to?
  31. What movies make you laugh out loud? Keep this list for when you need a pick-me up.

Here is a printable for you to have your own copy on hand!