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‘Tis the Season to Entertain!

I am getting into the holiday season full swing! I am busy planning my many gatherings and parties – making my menus, writing shopping lists, and decorating the halls with boughs of holly!

But really between cooking, decorating, and the countless seasonal obligations, the holidays can be overwhelming. Expecting to entertain like a pro all on your own is downright crazy! The good news is there are many ways to make sure not only your guests but that you too have a good time at your next party.

'Tis the Season to Entertain!

After all, what is the point of entertaining if you don’t have fun at your very own party? I like to entertain because I am all about the fun. Stress strips that joy right away. Fortunately, there are shortcuts and tips that help you get it all together and have fun at the very same time.

Today I chatted with professional chef and lifestyle expert, Maureen Petrosky. She shared many of her tips and secrets from how to prepare meals, both big and small, to how- to easily keep track of your guest list. With Maureen’s tips, you’ll be holiday-ready without the headache and have more time to spend enjoying the festivities with family and friends. After all, that IS what the holidays are all about.

‘Tis the Season to Entertain!

Some of Maureen’s Tips Include:

Make It or Buy It? Know your strengths in the kitchen. If you have one talent and it’s pot roast go ahead and buy the sides. Or if baking isn’t your forte then leave it to the pros to handle.

Don’t over think the drinks: Prepare one signature cocktail in a big batch and always have red and white wine, and one beer offering.

Keep Clean as You Go: When planning and cooking your meals, it helps to keep your kitchen organized and especially clean.

Head Count: Send out an email invitation so that your guests can RSVP. This way you can easily keep track of guests and send updates and reminders.

Outfit of the Day: Decide what you’ll wear a couple of nights ahead of time. This may seem vain but last-minute preparation often leaves little time for the host to look and feel good when your guests arrive. No one wants to arrive to a harried host.

So there you have it! Some of Maureen’s tried and true tips!

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