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Stress-Free Back to School with Colleen Burns

No matter how well prepared you are, back-to-school season is stressful. Whether you are sending your child off to kindergarten or you are packing a young adult up for college – there is a long list to be tended to and emotions that can run from elated (let’s do the happy dance) to pure sadness (as we watch our children take one more step away from us.)

Stress-Free Back to School with Colleen Burns

The emotions can run the gamut, and on top of all of that, we need to take care of a long to-do list that includes back-to-school shopping, readjusting schedules and homework routines, meeting new teachers, and quelling fears.

I am back in the classroom with 72 brand new sixth graders. No, not all at once – they come to me throughout the day. But getting my classroom up and ready, my youngest off to high school, one off to college for his sophomore year, and helping everyone else feel good though this transitional time means that there is a lot on my plate. I am planing of a day trip this weekend to Carmel with a stop at Point Lobos for some soul rejuvenation.

A mini-vacation that is simply a day away to enjoy the beauty of the ocean. It wasn’t until I chatted with Colleen Burns about ways to deal with back-to-school stress that I even entertained the idea of a mini-vacation this time of year. While a day away does not truly count as a vacation, I know that it will do me wonders.

Transition times seem to throw me off balance. But there are a few strategies that I haver found over the years that help me regain my balance.  Colleen gave me a few more ideas on how to cope with the inevitable back-to-school stress. From planning a last minute get-away, dealing with back-to-school shopping, or dealing with children and their access to technology – Colleen addresses it all.

Some other ideas to help you this time of year include helping your children develop morning routines and prepacking those school lunches.

Yes, it is a busy time! What are some of your tips that help your family thrive during this back-to-school season?

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