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Let’s Get Crafty with Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This

The holidays are fast approaching and that means gift giving season is upon us.  You may have checked out my new aStore where I am curating ideas for gifts to buy, but do you know what I really love? I love handmade gifts! I treasure gifts that friends and loved ones have spent time working on and creating something unique and special. Hand crocheted afghans from my grandmother feel like a warm hug every time I wrap up in one, and they always make me smile and remind me of wonderful memories of times shared together.

Handmade Wreath

FullSizeRender-49A handmade Christmas wreath, colorful quilt, necklace, decoupaged photos – all beautiful and treasured by me! Handmade gifts can be anything from a platter of fresh baked cookies to much more elaborate treasures like handmade furniture. When it come to DIY there is something for everyone.

Kids photo on wood
A wooden photo made by my daughter.

I recently had the chance to talk with Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This. She shared with us some of her favorite fall crafting and DIY ideas.

Let’s Get Crafty with Erica Domesek

Erica Domesek

She’s got fun and colorful ways to help you get organized and beautify your home! I love the feather artwork. They remind me of the art deco of (Russian-born) French artist Erté. They are simply stunning and with so many variations possible – they would look beautiful hanging in many different rooms. The planters would make excellent house warming gifts!

Feather Wall Art

I know that you will be inspired to get creating after you watch the interview.

As Erica says (and I whole-heartedly agree), “Anyone can make things. You don’t need to be an artist.”

Check out the project library at for more inspiration and to get excited for future projects. After all, it is all about creating a beautiful life for yourself!

Thank you to Erica and True Value for making this interview possible.


Let's get crafty with Erica Domesek!




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(26) Comments

  1. I love making and receiving homemade gifts. The wreath and the quilt are just great. I don’t think I have ever seen I Made This, so I will have to check it out.

    1. Stacey says:

      Both the wreath and quilt were gifts from students! I just love homemade gifts.

  2. Some really cute stuff! I love fall and Holiday crafts.

  3. this is a great reminder that I have to get started on some of these projects. Now I have some more ideas thank you.

  4. I’m le poor so this year may be the year of handcrafted gifts.

  5. What wonderful crafts, especially the feather collage. I love P.S. I Made This.

  6. I love handmade gifts! They are truly the greatest and give you something to treasure for so long!

  7. These are all beautiful and I LOVE that quilt! Great ideas!

  8. Susan says:

    I’m with you, I adore handmade gifts from my family and friends. It’s a special way to share a piece of yourself and your creativity.

  9. What great crafts! I love giving homemade gifts!!!

  10. That quilt! Be still my beating heart! I absolutely adore it!!

  11. I love giving handmade gifts, but I don’t do it as much anymore. We mostly just give gifts within our small family and most of my family is more into electronics than handycrafts. I’m thinking I’ll make everyone ornaments this year, though, because it’s hard to have too many of them 🙂

  12. We haven’t started any Christmas crafts yet, but we will once Halloween is over! Love that wreath–so festive!

  13. The aStore is super cool! I love handmade gifts, too, but I’m horrible at making them!!! Haha!

  14. Homemade gifts are way more thoughtful, although some people do not fully appreciate them. That wreath is gorgeous and something I know I would love having to great visitors.

  15. I love the feather craft in that photo, but the wreaths are very pretty as well!

  16. That wreath is so pretty. I would love to try doing this.

  17. I love the wreath idea! I recently made a halloween wreath with stuff from the dollar store, but I bet a Christmas one would be adorable too!

  18. My favorite gifts are always ones that are made… especially now from my daughter. Im always making little gifts, too.

  19. I always give handmade gifts to my most favorite people. And I enjoy receiving them just as much

  20. The homemade gifts are so personal. Your ideas are so creative!

  21. These are beautiful. That wreath is so pretty, I can’t believe it’s already almost holiday season!

  22. Home made gifts are the best. Well, I hope my family agree!!

  23. I love this! I also really love that quilt! I decoupaged some photos to pretty tiles and gave them as Christmas gifts a few years ago and everyone loved them!

  24. You are very creative, I love homemade gifts, they are so special 🙂

  25. Yvonne says:

    Love homemade gifts. .Thanks for your great ideas!

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