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Halloween Party Fun with Edible Sculptures

Here is an easy and totally fun Hallowwen art activity for the kids! I call it art, because this was a fun activity that I incorporated into my art classroom one year. We built sculptures out of Halloween treats! The kids had a blast and it was so easy to put together.

I simply headed to the local Dollar Store and bought a basket full of Halloween themed candy and snacks as well as graham crackers, marshmallows, and puddings. I was a bit worried about laying out so much sugar for the kids, but they were far more interested in playing with the food than eating it.

Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween

The kids got busy! Their creativity was exploding as they started building on orange paper plates.

Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween 2

The kids had a blast. They really worked hard creating an edible Halloween sculpture given the supplies that they had in front of them – realizing that they all had to share what was placed on their table. I will say that some bartering and trading started happening between the tables for supplies!

What do you think? I loved what the kids came up with!

Halloween Party Fun with Edible Sculptures

Halloween Party Fun with Edible Sculptures


Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween 7Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween 3

Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween 6

Edible Candy Sculptures for Halloween 5

This was a super easy activity and would be a great activity for a Halloween Party. The kids simply loved that they were told to play with their food! And they did a great job!

Which Edible Sculpture Do You Like? 

Halloween Party Fun with Edible Scuptures


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(11) Comments

  1. This seems like such a great and easy idea! I love seeing how creative kids can be.

    1. Stacey says:

      Me too! I wasn’t sure what they would come up with. They totally impressed me!

  2. That’s so cool! I’m not a kid and I’d love to do that!

  3. My kids would love this. They are much older but we love doing these kinds of baking. It makes them feel young again and quality time.

  4. These are so messy! I love it. It’s a great way to get everyone involved, and who doesn’t love eating the goodies they create?

  5. I so love this idea of Halloween-themed candy sculptures! I’m glad the kids were more interested in playing with the treats than eating all that sugar – I’d definitely eat too much sugar if presented with the opportunity this way.

  6. This is such a cute idea for Halloween! I love making little creatures and sculptures out of food, it’s such a blast, and this is perfect for kids! 🙂

  7. Oh wow this sounds such fun, who doesn’t love to play with food from time to time. x

  8. This looks like such a fun activity. We do the same for gingerbread houses! So creative

  9. That looks so fun! My kids will have a blast making this.

  10. Wow! I love your creativity and it looks like so much fun 🙂

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