What I’m Eating for Sugar-Free Breakfasts

Cutting out sugar has been challenging! I admit that I am dealing with cravings – especially chocolate. I simply love dark chocolate! But what has been easier than I thought it would be is starting each day sugar-free with an easy to make, fast in the morning, delicious breakfast! What I’m Eating for Sugar-Free Breakfasts… [Continue Reading]

New Year’s Fitness Tips from Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin

It’s a new year, and as you know I am focusing on cutting waaaay back on sugar this month. My Sugar-Free January is marching along and so far so good! It definitely helps to have a plan and a why. My why – why am I cutting out added and refined sugar is simple –… [Continue Reading]

Retirement Planning is a Women’s Issue

January is always a good time to take a deep look at our finances. I know that after the holidays and all the spending that was involved (Christmas for a family of eight gets expensive very quickly. Then throw in an 80th birthday party for my parents and a few days spent in San Francisco… [Continue Reading]

Enjoying a Cocktail (or two) on a Sugar-Free Diet

When going sugar-free, or in my case, cutting out added and refined sugars you automatically also cut back on alcoholic drinks. Simply put, cocktails, beer, and wine can be high in carbohydrates, and sugars. But what’s a person to do when it is still vacation and you plan a day in Carmel to lunch with… [Continue Reading]

12 Sugar-Free Snacks to Enjoy

Today starts day three of my 31 day challenge of going sugar-free. So far it is not too bad, but I am sad to see my Christmas cookie binge come to an end. I had so much fun baking this year with some of my daughters, but by the time the baking was done, we… [Continue Reading]