ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4 – Carpet and Window Coverings

Life is busy! This last weekend I spend Saturday in San Francisco for the Science March. The crowd was large – tens of thousands of people, men, women, kids, walked the streets of San Francisco carrying some very clever signs – all in support of science. Why am I talking about the Science March? Well,… [Continue Reading]

ORC - Wayfair Carpet

Niçoise Salad in a Jar Recipe

As promised in yesterday’s post, Roast Beef Salad in a Jar, here is today’s post with my version of a Niçoise Salad in a Jar recipe. Now this isn’t a true Niçoise Salad, but it definitely has the essence of my Niçoise Rice Salad Recipe. Which by the way, is one of my favorite recipes! Perfect meal… [Continue Reading]

Niçoise Salad in a Jar

Roast Beef Salad in a Jar

In the spirit of eating healthy and losing weight, I am looking for ways to prep my lunches on Sunday and have them ready to go for the week.  As a teacher at a rural school, I do not have easy access for a quick lunch off campus. My mornings and week nights are busy!… [Continue Reading]

Roast Beef Salad in a Jar

Teaming Up to Lose Weight

Uggh! Weight. As in trying to lose weight. As in I have too much of it. As in – this has been a lifelong struggle of mine. Yes, I am always trying to lose weight. Sometimes I am better at it than other times. Sometimes I am hoping to lose five pounds and sometimes I… [Continue Reading]

Why I train with team in trainig

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

Progress is being made! Yea! I love the way everything is coming together. This week was about hanging some shelves and adding some decor. My new favorite pillow in our home is this colorful embroidered camel. The camel pillow from Wayfair looks perfect with the other colorful pillows that I picked up at IKEA! A… [Continue Reading]

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3