New Food Trends for 2023

Bonnie Taub-Dix Interview

I had a chance to chat with nutrition expert Bonnie Taub-Dix to discuss new food trends for 2023 with special information on some new Almond Breeze products.  Not only a top nutritionist, Bonnie is a foodie, mom of three and grandmother—in addition to being a reliable resource for network TV—Bonnie loves cooking and sharing her knowledge and tips for better eating. I am all about adding more plants to my daily eating, and I wanted to hear Bonnie’s thoughts on plant-forward eating. She has some great ideas on how to add more plants easily to your everyday diet.

Now honestly, I am not a huge milk drinker, but with six kids, you can bet that there is always milk in the fridge. We have one child that is lactose-intolerant and one that is allergic to dairy, so Almond Breeze is a staple found in our fridge. Different choices for different tastes and diet requirements. It’s all about the bio-individuality of nutrition and food choices.

Bonnie shared some new Almond Breeze almond milk products. As a plant-forward eater (yes, I eat primarily plants), I’m thinking this is a great alternative in some of my recipes! Bonnie definitely has me thinking of new recipes for the Almond Breeze Blended with Real Bananas and the Chocolate Almond Milk. They both sound like an easy way to add a touch of sweetness to my recipes without adding animal products or saturated fats. Did you know that Almond Breeze contains less calories and saturated fat than traditional milk AND it has more calcium? That’s an easy swap!

And look at this delicious breakfast recipe from Almond Breeze! Eggs with mushrooms and asparagus! Yum!

Very Veggie Spring Green Breakfast Casserole recipe and picture from Blue Diamond.

As the author of the award-winning author of “Read It Before You Eat It – Taking You from Label to Table,” Bonnie had some great insights on how to stock your kitchen with healthy food choices. I hope you check out her delicious recipes! Recipes can be found at Blue Diamond and Bonnie Taub-Dix.

Here’s to you creating a beautiful life with more plant-forward eating!

In full disclosure to all of my reading friends – this post contains affiliate links. Which means should you choose to click on a link and purchase this product from Amazon, I will receive a very small percentage of the sale.

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