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Setting Up a Bedtime Routine for a Better Night’s Sleep

Setting Up a Bedtime Routine for a Better Night's Sleep

We are all on the quest for better health. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital to our overall well being. Unfortunately, we all know, that sometimes getting a solid night’s sleep is so hard! Well, I have some experts here today to share some great tips, ideas, and products that really help! It all starts with setting up a bedtime routine for a better night’s sleep.

Our sleep can be negatively affected for many reasons – stress, long to-do lists, getting sucked into binge watching the latest and greatest series (I’ve been there!), and hurtful night time routines such as scrolling through our phones in bed.

According to the U.S, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one third of U.S. adults sleep less that the recommended seven hours each night. This is a contributing factor to major health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and also a basic loss of alertness that can impact work and home.

Establishing a nighttime routine is key to getting a good night’s sleep.

I was able to chat with psychologist and sleep specialist, Dr. Janet Kennedy and President of Soma, Mary Van Praag, about how we can help ourselves get more and better sleep. They shared some helpful tips with me, and they also shard some insights they found out about from a national sleep survey on common sleep barriers.

Experts agree that establishing a nighttime routine is key to getting a good night’s sleep. I love my nighttime routine of dinner; clean the kitchen; cycling on my fit desk while I write or clean out my emails; shower and ready myself for bed; meditate with my candles lit; ready my supplies for the next day; and then journal before bed. The nights that I am able to fully follow this routine makes me content and helps ready my mind and body for sleep. I am able to say good night to the day and settle easily into sleep.

Dr. Janet Kennedy and Mary Van Praag share even more tips to help us all. Check out the interview below:

There’s no doubt that we all want to be and stay healthy! Getting a good night’s sleep is one thing we can do to help ourselves on our health and wellness journey.

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