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Healthy Snacking Ideas from Lara Merriken

I love LÄRABARs! The delicious, real food ingredient fruit and nut bars are a staple in my hike bag! So when I was asked if i would like to interview Lara Merriken the founder of LÄRABAR, I was all, “Yes!”

Lara is a true story of someone that saw a need – a healthy food bar made from wholesome and simple ingredients – and then successfully created a new food found on supermarket shelves everywhere!

She’s truly an inspiration!

From Lara’s kitchen blender to mass marketing a line of scrumptious fruit and nut bars, Lara has grown her product list to now include bars with protein! Now, if you have regularly followed me, you have heard me sing the praises of protein.
Photo credit LÄRABAR

I believe in the staying power of protein and choose to add protein to most all my snacks. It simply helps me feel fuller longer. So hearing that LÄRABAR has now come out with bars with protein is a moment to celebrate. There are 11 grams of plant based protein in these new bars!

Happy dance time!

Photo credit LÄRABAR

My favorite LÄRABAR is Peanut Butter Cookie! I love it while I’m out on a hike, and I love the mini version as a sweet dessert! Which flavor is your favorite?

Photo credit LÄRABAR

Meet Lara yourself and hear her story…

Thank you Lara for taking the time to share your story with my readers! For more information be sure to check out

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