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ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

Progress is being made! Yea! I love the way everything is coming together. This week was about hanging some shelves and adding some decor. My new favorite pillow in our home is this colorful embroidered camel.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

The camel pillow from Wayfair looks perfect with the other colorful pillows that I picked up at IKEA!

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

A side not about this pillow – I found it on Wayfair, thought perfect and ordered it. The pillow arrived super quickly and I was excited to open the newly delivered box. My surprise was to find a camel on my pillow – I was expected an elephant! Seriously! That is how my brain works. I am sure I saw “camel” when I ordered it, but in my mind I was waiting for an elephant pillow. No worries – I love the two hump bactrian.

I also received the world picture this week from Wayfair as well. Another great purchase that I am thrilled with! I had originally thought I would place a gallery of travel photos on this wall, but we have a house full of galleries, and I decided I wanted something different. My second thought was to hang up a collection of round mirrors or one large mirror, and I was on the hunt for something along those lines. My thinking was that the mirror would help make the room feel larger, but then I found this map and fell in love with the old world feel. The colors were perfect, and I hoped that it would really help tie together the sea foam, teal, tans, brown, and white in this room.

This week we also added some shelves. These shelves came from IKEA. With the addition of these shelves, I have decided to add a little bit more silver into the room. I am trying to unify all of the different pieces of furniture.

White IKEA shelves

The shelves are on the same wall as the desk, sitting above the file cabinet. It is the perfect place for this beautiful bowl that was a gift from a dear friend.

pottery bowl

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

I still need to take care of all of those cords in the corner. The plants sitting in front of them are not the answer! I will be working on that problem this weekend.

The desk also received a new lamp from IKEA.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 3

The room is really coming together! I have ordered a carpet that I think will really work, I have purchased some window coverings that I am considering, I need to deal with the cords, and I need to make a decision of whether or not I will be painting the sewing machine/printer stand white.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 2

I also will be revamping our filing cabinet, no home office re-do is complete without purging the files!

Again, I am really glad that I have joined the One Room Challenge that is hosted by Calling It Home! Why? Because it is forcing me to finish up a room that I started almost a year ago. I love decorating my home, but it takes time and time is always a bit short in my life. You can see the starting point in this post.

One Room Challenge

As a guest participant I love seeing what all of the other bloggers are doing! There are some incredibly talented bloggers out there that have me drooling over their room transformations. Be sure to check them out here: Guest Participants, Week 3. There is a lot of great designing going on right now. And be sure to come back next week to see my progress!

Progress is being made with my One Room Challenge! ORC: The Home Office Guest Room week 3 is about hanging some shelves and adding some decor.

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  1. Cords are my arch nemesis! I hear you. Looks lovely so far. Thanks for stopping by my blog and good luck with the ORC!

    1. Stacey says:

      Good luck to you, too! I am still confused about those dang cords!!!

  2. It looks wonderful and like a great place to be productive. The accessories really bring it all together. If you ever give up teaching, you can go into staging!

    1. Stacey says:

      thanks, Gretchen – Staging would be a fun job! I am really enjoying putting together the final pieces to this project.

  3. I love the camel pillow and world artwork! I know what you mean about defaulting to a gallery wall when you have to fill large spaces. It’s always my first thought, but we already have 3 around the house. The last thing I need is to add another one! I’m curious to see if you end up painting the sewing stand white or not…

    1. Stacey says:

      Sam, I have been busy painting this week! Two coats done and it still needs a third. So far so good – I am liking it!

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