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Planning for the Week Ahead

Do you dread Sunday nights?  Experience the Monday blues? There really is no need to fret away the end of your weekend by worrying about Monday morning.  When I take the time on Sunday to plan out the week, I feel more energized and ready for the days ahead. My daughter and I have a disagreement on when the week starts.  She likes to think of Sunday as the last day of the week, with Monday being the first. In the eyes of a student this makes a lot of sense. Me? I like to think of Sunday as the beginning. Sunday is devoted to planning for the week ahead. It is also a day to get some rest, and renew my spirit. Like so many things in life, it is all a matter of perspective.

Planning for the Week Ahead

On Sunday I take a look at what I need to take care of today in order to have a smooth week, and I make a short list. My rule to keep it doable is to make the list no more than six items. I look at the time needed to accomplish each task, and I schedule my day. Does this sound too much like work?  Maybe, but every parent knows that if you don’t take care of some necessities, life gets chaotic.

We just returned home from a week away so my list today includes:
1.     Unpacking suitcases
2.     Grocery shopping
3.     Grading papers
4.     Laundry
5.     Bike ride or hike with my husband
6.     Church
7.     The family eating a healthy dinner together
8.     Backpacks ready for tomorrow

OK, so my list is eight, and I said no more than six. I could go on making my list longer, but I am stopping at eight. If I take care of all of these items, our home will be ready for the week ahead. I will feel as though I am ahead of the 8-ball and not behind it. A much better place to be.

Taking care of the laundry, which includes planning out the clothing for the week for myself and my stepdaughter, and taking care of the grocery shopping to go with my weekly menu is actively setting the stage for a smooth and productive week.

Taking time today to go to church, bike ride or hike with my husband, and sharing a healthy meal with the whole family allows me to relax and rejuvenate. I think it is important to make time on Sunday to relax, rejuvenate, and to plan and get ready for the week ahead.

The trick is to find the balance so that I am neither too stressed about today, nor too stressed about the week ahead. As I said earlier, it is all a matter of perspective.

I look at my Sunday routines as a blessing. I have the time to plan and prepare for the week. As I do the laundry and get our outfits ready for the week, I know our mornings will go more smoothly. When I get back form the grocery store, I will sort out snacks, wash the fruits and vegetables, and even bag what I can for the school lunches this week.

All of these little steps will help create a smooth and productive week ahead.   When it feels like work, I take some time to think of my blessings or say prayers for my family and friends.

Planning for the Week Ahead

So even though sometimes when I look at the busy week ahead of school and work, and I have to catch my breath. I do know that my Sunday routines will help me be more prepared mentally and physically. Getting each morning started with lunches organized, backpacks ready, clothing cleaned and prepped, and dinners planned will go along way in making everyone less stressed and ready to tackle each day.

I am thankful for Sunday.

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