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7 Day Budget-Friendly Menu and Shopping List


Weekly grocery shopping in our home is typically a big chunk of change.  And as much as I love to buy some more expensive food items, I am going to see if I can cut down on our grocery bill from time to time by using a more budget friendly meal plan. When I look at where our money is spent I would rather fund travel. I love to travel! I am also busy planning some projects to do around the house, and I want to allocate some more of our money into these home projects.  To help me fund the travel and home improvement projects, I am thinking that the weekly trip to the grocery store is a place I can spend a little less money.  So for this week I designed a menu that is a bit easier on the pocket book.

I’ve designed a 7 day menu, but I will be using the five weekdays next week.  This weekend is my birthday and my husband has planned a special dinner for me ~ steaks marinated in red wine.  Sounds delicious! There will be more about this next week. And my daughter Nicole will be home from college as well.  I have promised her pesto shrimp one night.  Pesto Shrimp is one of the most requested recipes from our children, so stay tuned for that recipe to be posted soon as well.

It’s easy to go through the shopping list and take of the weekend dinner ingredients and add the additional items I need before I head to the store.

Happy Shopping ~ Happy Cooking ~ Happy Saving!

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