7 Tips For Finding Work Life Balance

7 tips for finding work life balance

With Labor Day weekend being upon us, I thought is was the perfect time to think about ways to find work life balance. For many of us, Labor Day marks the end of summer and the return to school. Well, I am already back in the classroom, and many students around the country have already had their first day of school photos snapped by excited parents. Labor Day is really about celebrating the American worker for all of their contributions to our society. Work is important, but so is balance.

There are certain times of the year that my life routinely ramps into high gear and spins at speeds that leave me breathless. That would be the beginning and the end of the school year. As a teacher, I am perhaps at bit more sensitive to the changes of summer to fall and then spring to summer, but any parent with children can attest to the upheaval a new school year can bring. Transitions throw us off our routines. Routines give us structure, peace of mind, and help us be more productive. Too many changes to the routine at once, and it takes a bit of time to settle back into a feeling of balance.

7 tips to finding work life balance

I am in the process of finding the right balance.

Over the summer I was able to devote many more hours to my other projects – creating courses and learning more about health and wellness. Now that school is back in session the hours available to my other passions have greatly diminished. The daily and weekly routines I built to help me build my coaching business needs to be adjusted. And that is OK. I am finding a new equilibrium.

7 Tips For Finding Work Life Balance

What is helping? 

Here are my tips:

7 tips to finding work life balance

Prioritize: When I was 18, I was a Mary Kay consultant. Mary Kay Ash proselytized her believe that as working women we should place God (spirituality) first, family second, and career third. I think she hit that spot on, and I have carried that sentiment with me. Right now, my work priority is focused on the new school year, getting to know all of my new students, and finding the routine in my new schedule. Keeping priorities in focus helps us let go of the peripheral and allows us to say, “no” without regret.

Plan: In the spirit of keeping our priorities straight Mary Kay also taught us to highlight our planners – using three colors; one to represent God (spirituality), one representing our family, and the third color our career. When we looked at the planner, the colors would let us see exactly how balanced our week was.  Remember I was 18. I think my priorities at that time revolved around friends, school, and the weekend; but all these years later I have a huge take-away from that activity. You need to not only prioritize, but you need to schedule. I have hours in my day devoted to school, to family, to coach, and to myself.

Write It Down: Planning is a huge step, but your really need to take it one sep further and write it down! this planner was a game changer for me. Each morning I take time to review my planner while I have my morning cup of coffee. I make sure I have what I need for a successful and productive day. The planner allows me to prioritize and record my accomplishments.

7 Tips For Finding Work Life Balance
This is how I start each day!

Be Mindful: Knowing my schedule helps me stay in the now and to be mindful of the present. When I am with my family, I let the work stuff go – there is time for that later. When I am grading papers – I let the blogging go – there is time for that later.  I try not to obsess about what needs to be done on another area of my life when I am giving myself to one aspect. Living in the now helps me feel balanced.

Accept the Process: Finding balance is not like finding the hidden treasure. Balance is not a finite object, rather it is a process. Because I have taught for nearly two decades, I know that my life work balance will be taking a few go-rounds on the roller-coaster of life each spring and fall. It used to really bother me when I felt like I lost the first full week of summer each year due to “paralysis”. Suddenly my routine had drastically changed, and I did not know how to proceed. It would take me a full week before I felt as though I had my feet back onto solid ground. I have learned now how to take advantage of that time that I needed to mentally process the change and not feel as though it is a wasted week. I schedule lots of appointments that week  But the point is – finding balance is a process. A process that is always in flux.

Self-Care: When life gets out of balance the stress levels go up. Staying healthy helps combat stress. Eating healthy, getting adequate rest, exercising, and staying hydrated are the basis of staying physically healthy. Time with friends and family, time spent alone, and meditation are ways to stay emotionally healthy. When you take care of yourself you have the energy and motivation to tackle what life throws your way.

7 Tips For Finding Work Life Balance

Give Yourself Grace. I believe that finding the “perfect” balance is a rather unrealistic goal. Every day we are a work in progress. What strategies work wonders for us today might not work tomorrow. We might wake up in the morning ready to tackle all we need to do with gusto and joy. Then some days we look at the day and wonder, “HOW?!?” It’s important to realize that as humans, our lives can feel like they are too full and overwhelming. That is the time to sit with yourself, give yourself grace, and circle back to your priorities.

For an easy activity to help bring you more balance check our Nourish You Whole Self a free mini-course that I created. It includes a six minute video and journal sheet to get you started on bringing joy and more balance to your life.

I hope all of these tips help you bring more balance to your days! And a happy Labor Day to you!

7 tips for finding work life balance

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