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Feeling Lazy? 9 Ways to Re-Energize

Feeling Lazy? 9 Ways to Re-Energize

Ah, the dog-days of summer! It’s hot outside – pretty much wherever you are in the States; it’s hot. While the saying, Dog Days of Summer, is technically a references to the fact that the constellation Canis Major, the Greater Dog. is sharing the the same region of the sky with the sun; I think of it as those summer days that are simply so hot that I want to curl up and take a nap in the shade just like a doggie would. It can be hard to feel motivated this time of year! Are you feeling lazy? Well, here are nine ways to re-energize.

Feeling Lazy? 9 Ways to Re-Energize

To be perfectly clear, being lazy isn’t necessarily a negative behavior, provided it doesn’t happen on a regular basis. We all need downtime and time to recharge. That is essential. All my life I have cycled through; go, go, go, and then slow down, rest, and restore. That time of rest is essential to my well-being, and it also allows me time time to be introspective and breathe new life into my creative endeavors. But… being lazy too often has some huge downsides!

Laziness is the ultimate expression of passivity. When you let laziness become the norm, you’re not engaging with your life and you’re leaving the results to chance. So learning to move beyond the urge to be lazy is a useful skill.

Whether you are stuck in a lazy cycle pattern or ready to burst forward from your period of rest and rejuvenation, use these strategies to take back the helm and re-energize.

Feeling Lazy? 9 Ways to Re-Energize

  1. Think small. The thought of taking on a big project can be overwhelming. It’s easy to trick yourself into feeling negatively about tackling the work at hand. Break big tasks into smaller bites and then keep your focus on that single task.
    • Big projects are nothing more than several smaller, related tasks.
  2. Use a timer. Oh, I love this trick! I use it all the time to keep me motivated. The simple act of setting a timer for a specific period of time can provide the motivation and focus needed to re-energize. The use of a timer frees your mind. After all, you know when you can stop, even before you get started. A timer turns your work into a race, and races are exciting. Seriously, you can do anything 15 minutes at a time!
  3. Think long-term. Only focusing on the short-term is a common mistake. All the work comes first. The good stuff comes at the end. Look ahead and keep the long-term benefits in mind. This will motivate you to get started.
  4. Visualize the results you desire. Take the time to imagine yourself enthusiastically getting your work completed. We’ve all heard about the benefits of visualization, but few of us actually do it. Try it before starting a new project. Try it again when you feel laziness creeping into the picture.
  5. Avoid procrastinating. Procrastination is one manifestation of laziness. It’s true that getting started is the hardest part. Avoid thinking too much about the work at hand. Jump in and get started. You’ll find that continuing to work is much less challenging than getting started. Start quickly and you won’t have time to talk yourself out of it.
  6. Stick to a single task. Multi-tasking is distracting and overwhelming. The idea of dealing with multiple tasks is enough to trigger laziness. Stick to one task. When it’s complete, you can move on to another. It’s a much more relaxing way to get things done.
  7. Use self-talk to your advantage. Instead of coming up with excuses to justify being lazy, use the voice in your head to avoid laziness. It might take some time to reap the rewards, but effective self-talk and affirmations can have a positive impact Try repeating phrases like:
    • I avoid laziness and get things done.
    • Doing what needs to be done gets me closer to my goals.
    • I can be lazy after my work is completed.
    • I have control over myself. I use my time effectively.
  8. Get some rest. If you’re truly tired, rest might be the best medicine. Eat a healthy meal and get the rest you need. A little fresh air and some exercise might be beneficial, too. Make your physical health a priority. It’s easier to avoid laziness when you’re not exhausted.
  9. Consider the consequences. We often think about how much we don’t want to get busy, but we fail to consider the negative consequences of being lazy. Make a list of all the negative outcomes you’ll experience by being lazy. It might provide the motivation you need to become action oriented.

Overcoming laziness is a valuable skill. Having a plan for your day can help you avoid laziness. When your time isn’t planned, it’s much easier to waste time. Overcoming laziness becomes easier after each successful avoidance. You’ll soon discover the strategies that work for you. Avoid letting laziness derail your success and productivity.

There are a few tools that I consistently use to help me stay and track and avoid the procrastination bug! I love the Pomodoro timer. Remember the second strategy I listed above? Use a timer! I cannot tell you how many times this little trick has helped me move forward. The other important tool that helps me is my planner! I have used many variations of planners over my lifetime, but this is my current favorite! I also love my color pens! It makes journaling and planning just a bit more fun!

So there you have it! Nine ways to re-energize when you are feeling lazy, and some of my time-tested favorite was to stay on task.

How do you get back on track when you are feeling stuck? What strategy works best for you? I’d love to hear about your game plan to beating those lazy moments.

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