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The One Gift Every Mom Wants!

Setting Up a Bedtime Routine for a Better Night's Sleep

What does every mom want? More sleep! Moms everywhere – new moms, seasoned moms, and yes, even empty-nester moms – all would love to have more sleep.

It’s a simple fact of life. Sleep really is the one gift every mom wants!

I was once known to say that sleep is over-rated. Thank goodness I saw the light – or better said, I saw the dark and the beauty of a good night’s sleep. A good night sleep is restorative, and it allows us to recharge our body and mind for the demands of yet another day. A good night sleep is key to our wellness.

So when thinking of mom this year, know that you can help give her the sweetest gift of all – a better night’s sleep.

Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite items that help set Mom up for a great night of sleep.

Getting Cozy

The One Gift Every Mom Wants!
  • Wrap yourself in luxury with this incredibly soft UGG Robe! This really is the perfect gift! It’s a hug in a gift box! Plus this beauty is reversible – so it’s like a two-in-one robe.
  • Mom will love jammies from Pajama Gram. Soft light cotton in super cute patterns. Keep in mind – capris work for moms of all heights. No hemming required.
  • Sleep socks? Yes, they are the best! Cold toes will keep you awake. These cashmere sleep socks are my favorite!
  • Keeps mom’s feet happy with these TOMS Ezra slippers. With Faux shearling upper and soft faux shearling lining, they are like walking on clouds.

Setting the Stage

The One Gift Every Mom Wants!
  • Mom will love to light a NEOM de-stress candle and enjoy the feeling of calmness as she gets ready for bed.
  • A gift that smells so good! This aromatic deep sleep lotion has a lovely fragrance of lavender, chamomile and vetiver.
  • Lavender is my go-to scent for a good night’s sleep! Mom will love this beautiful reed diffuser with essential oils of lavender.
  • Mom can set up her own personalized sleep-wake routine with the Hatch Restore. This powerful bedside dome has it all: calming white noise, bedside reading light, wind down content, and a sunrise alarm clock.

Snuggling In

The One Gift Every Mom Wants!
  • Bamboo pillow cases that offer cooling! Plus they come in loads for colors. No doubt you will find Mom’s favorite color.
  • Luxurious organic cotton sheets from Fabdreams Hotel Collection will surely help Mom sleep like a queen.
  • A good weighted blanket will help ease Mom’s stress and anxiety! Something about the heaviness helps by placing a light pressure on the body. Think about how a swaddled baby calms down – it is a similar feeling but for grown-ups!
  • A great sleep mask helps block out all light! Something that can be troublesome for the long summer days. MZOO sleep mask has a fit that allows for blinking!

So there you have it! So many wonderful gift ideas in every price range that will help Mom find calm, tranquility, and a good night’s sleep. Because sleep really is the one gift every mom wants!

Setting Up a Bedtime Routine for a Better Night's Sleep

In full disclosure to all of my sleep-craving friends – this post contains affiliate links. Which means should you choose to click on a link and purchase any of these items from Amazon, I will receive a very small percentage of the sale.

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