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A Frequent Flyer Program for Retirement

As a mid 50 year old – I have retirement on the mind. We still have two kids in the house – one in high school and one college grad saving for medical school, but I see retirement on the horizon. Ok, a distant horizon but it is creeping closer.

With retirement in mind, I am always looking for ways to save a little bit more money and for the right investment vehicles to help my money grow. That is why I was excited to chat with EF Hutton CEO Chris Daniels about steps to achieve my retirement goals.

His “Retirement 101” tips include:

  • Overcoming financial challenges
  • Updating investment strategies
  • Smart spending

A Frequent Flyer Program for Retirement

But perhaps the most interesting investment tidbit Chris shared with me was a new program that EF Hutton is rolling out. It is sort of like a frequent flyer program for retirement savings. Now, I am all about bonus and customer appreciation programs. I love earning my frequent flyer miles – they really help my travel budget, and my bank gives me cash rewards that make me smile as I cash them in. But a program that will let me earn points and sock it away for retirement money, was something totally new to me.


The program called MeggaLife lets you acquire points that will accumulate over time that can be redeemed for cash at age 68. Better yet, we have some control over how the monies are invested through a crowd sourcing mechanism.

MeggaLife, EF Hutton’s new social media platform helps with retirement savings. The money will be coming from all the revenue that is generated by advertising from online sources.

This platform is a new and interesting way to take advantage of the advertising stream of revenues and letting users benefit from the earnings.  For more information head over to MeggaLife.com.

Plus right now there is an extra incentive to check it out. The first 25,000 people to sign up for email updates on Meggalife will get the chance to win $1 million dollars! I know that winning that would help my retirement funds!

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  1. Retirement comes with difficulties if you are not ready for it. People often work 50% of their lives and do their best during earning years. Once they reach an age where their strength decreased to a level that forces them to consider a retiring option. That’s why make sure to retire by a proper program such as beforehand savings.

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