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ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4 – Carpet and Window Coverings

Life is busy! This last weekend I spend Saturday in San Francisco for the Science March. The crowd was large – tens of thousands of people, men, women, kids, walked the streets of San Francisco carrying some very clever signs – all in support of science.

SF Science March

SF Science March

Why am I talking about the Science March? Well, the weekend is when I have time to tackle the One Room Challenge. My home office guest room makeover is moving forward, and I am really excited to share my progress with you! But given that I spent one of my two days off work marching – the changes are small.

But in this case I can say, “Small change = BIG impact!”

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

Carpet and Window Coverings

ORC - Wayfair Carpet

This week I received the carpet that I ordered from Wayfair. Love the colors, love the design, and after staring at it for a week, I have decided to keep it.  At first I really wasn’t sure. The size seemed kind of awkward especially since I plopped  it in the middle of the room. This is a room where all of the furniture is on the perimeter of the room. Plopping it in the middle seemed out of place. But after tucking one end under the couch, it feels better.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4 - Carpet and Window Coverings

I was also a little bit undecided because I also bought some window coverings on a whim when I wandered through IKEA a couple of weeks ago. Again, I was uncertain. Can you tell that indecisiveness seems to be the theme around here?! I was not sure if adding window coverings would close in the already small room that serves so many functions. What sold me on the window coverings was the color and the pattern. The color was a perfect match for the room – it is something to help tie in all of my different colored furniture with the walls. And the curvy pattern was reminiscent of the pillows and the glass globed lamp.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

I mentioned that I was trying to bring more silver into the room, so I headed to Home Depot to find silver hardware for the window coverings. I was thrilled to find silver ones with glass globe finials. Love the tie in with the lamp!

ORC The Home Office Guest Room Week 4I was afraid that the window coverings would close in the room, but the overall effect is that the window does appear to be larger.  Using the trick of hanging wider and higher than the window, really works! Annnnnndddd…. I love the way it all works together!

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

Now that I have had the window coverings up for a few days, I need to take them down to iron them (yes, they came out of a plastic wrapped package) and hem them. They are too long and puddle on the floor. Puddling does not work in the room.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

I still have more to do… tame the cords, paint the sewing machine, address a few more walls, and purge the files. We are in the home stretch. there are only two more weeks for me to complete all the final details of the room. I must say, it feels really good to be finishing up this room.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

The more I look at my new carpet the more I love it! I could not be getting all of this work done without the help of my wonderful husband, Gavin! Thank you, honey, for helping me out on this one.

ORC: The Home Office Guest Room Week 4

And thank you to the One Room Challenge that is hosted by Calling It Home! Because of them, I am getting this done!  You can see the progress I have made here:

One Room Challenge

As a guest participant I love seeing what all of the other bloggers are doing! There are some incredibly talented bloggers out there that have me drooling over their room transformations. Be sure to check them out here: Guest Participants, Week 4. There is a lot of great designing going on right now. And be sure to come back next week to see my progress!

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  1. yvonne says:

    I love the room!! So well put together. You did a great job. You could decorate for me anytime.

  2. Stacey says:

    Thanks, Sam! The Science March was well worth it!

  3. I love that you guys participated in the Science March! I think adding the curtains was a great idea! They make the window look bigger and add more interest to the wall. Excited to see your progress next week!

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